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Sunday, 08 June 2008


If religion could be seen as a fabric it would probably be some cotton with little if any room for satin and polyester. It has long been said that RELIGION is a form of rules and rituals with the thought of pleasing or appeasing an unapproachable God whereas CHRISTIANITY is one of various ways in which we serve GOD. Hence when one thinks of RELIGION, how is that CHRISTIANITY with its variant denominations automatically comes to mind? There are several other faiths that lay claim to religion; among them are Buddhists, Muslims and Rastafarians (JUST TO NAME A FEW). RELIGION BELIEVES THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO IS GOOD ENOUGH. With notion being common knowledge, how is that CHRISTIANITY can’t seem to believe that other religions don’t have a belief in a sovereign God who has already done all that is needed for the individual to be reconciled to Himself? It is my FIRM belief that CHRISTIANITY is unique in the fact that it is the ONLY a mean through which one MAY attain salvation. However the world to an extent seems to believe this form of religion is shared by the masses when it is NOT! The bible informs us that Jesus taught that us that the truth would SET YOU FREE. Therefore, I ask how did we come to a place where CHRISTIANITY is the RELIGION of the day? The way I see it, if CHRISTIANITY is the ONLY TRUE RELIGION then that means that RELIGION is humanity trying to reach God by OUR efforts; and CHRISTIANITY is God paying the price for HIS creation. How does one NOT see that Christianity mostly lack the connection to OUR creator? If one were to take a look @ a few other religions one would notice that Christianity does NOT have all the answers. The Muslims for instance give some insight as to our purpose as human beings and our relationship with GOD and how we worship him. I can see why many would choose this religion over Christianity because many find that it is the closest thing as far as worshiping the creator was concerned. I feel that CHRISTIANITY should be the belief that NO ONE RELIGION is better OR superior than the other. Moreover, CHRISTIANITY should be ever mindful of the past and be thankful for the present and NOT ever gloating OR triumphant over other religions. Religion should MOTIVATE us to seek GOD’S LOVE and be energized by HIS spirit. I OFTEN WONDER HOW THEY DO NOT TRY TO ACCEPT OTHER RELIGIOUS BELIEFS & DISRESPECT THEM IN THE NAME OF GOD. RELIGION REQUIRES WE LIVE BY FAITH, TRUSTING IMPLICITLY IN GOD & CONTINUE TO SEEK HIS WISDOM. UNFORTUNATELY THESE CHARACTERISTICS ARE NOT ADHERE TO & THEREFOR OTHER RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS ARE SEEN AS OUTCASTS. IS IT NOT SAD THAT WHEN WE TALK ABOUT RELIGION IT ALWAYS SOMEHOW ENDS UP BEING AN ARGUMENT? NO MATTER HOW IT STARTS, IT ALWAYS COMES TO A POINT WHERE ONE IS POSITIONED IN OPPOSITION TO CHRISTIANITY. YES THE RHYTHM OF MOST SOCIETIES IS RELIGION & IT DICTATES THE CALENDAR, THE HOLIDAY & OUR MENTALITY. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST CHRISTIANITY (WELL NOT THAT MUCH), BUT I FEEL THAT WE NEED TO FLEXIBLE & MINDFUL OF THE OTHER RELIGION THAT SERVE THE SAME GOD…IF ONLY CHRISTIANITY COULD EXPOSE ITSELF TO TRUE CHRISTIANITY…

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