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Thursday, 12 June 2008


So the other day I read in the local newspaper how society felt about the murders that took place over the past 8 months. A discussion about the recent spate of GAY murders in Bahamas gave rise to comments from callers to a morning talk show that GAY people deserved to die. The callers tried to justify their horrifying comments with quotes that the beloved book THE BIBLE. It is believed that people who live IN SIN, such as HOMOSEXUALS should expect to come to a bitter end. These people certainly believe that they have their collective fingers on the pulse of GOD’S law, I wonder if GOD himself would feel that these GAY men deserved to die in the ways they were killed. This wide spread ignorance just brings one thing to the forefront and that is HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT THE PROBLEM, HOMOPHOBIA IS!!! IF IT WASN’T EVIDENT BEFORE, IT SURELY IS BECOMING EVER MORE SO NOW. Can anyone tell how is that it was because these were gay that they were killed? If that’s the case are me and friends next? Surely GOD is going to punish us for our sexual identity AND NOT punish those that seek to destroy AND eradicate us. In my book they are worst than the person(s) that are committing these atrocious crimes. Anyone with half a brain that heard such non-sense should realize that this way of thinking is IGNORANT & UNHEALTHY. For a nation that is supposedly Christian, this type of belief is VERY UN-CHRISTIAN & there needs to be some recourse for the rampant HOMOPHOBIA in this country. They would LOVE for us to internalize this HOMOPHOBIC NON-SENSE and call it our own but NOT today, IT STOPS HERE! For this very reason we have all these GAY men being taken out as if their lives don’t mean a thing. This HOMOPHOBIC way of thinking can only lend itself to MISANDRY AND eventually MISANTHROPY if we do not curtail this phenomenon. I FIND IT VERY INTERESTING THAT ONE TAKES ALL OF THIS & ANALYZE IT & TURN UP WITH THE SAME CONCLUSION. HOW DOES SOCIETY EXPECT FOR THINGS TO CHANGE IF IT DOES NOT START WITH THEM. EVERYDAY ALL OF US ARE GIVEN MOMENTS TO TURN THINGS AROUND YET WE DO NOTHING. IN THE CASE OF HOMOSEXUAL MEN HOW CAN SOCIETY SIMPLY SAY OR BELIEVE THAT IF ORDER FOR ME A GAY NOT TO BE KILL THAT I SHOULD SIMPLY ACT LIKE A MAN? A GAY MAN IS STILL & ALWAYS WILL BE A MAN NOT MATTER WHAT THE PEANUT GALLERY SAYS. THIS ASSUMED MINORITY STATUS THAT SILENCES US IS BUT A MYTH & IT IS UP TO US TO SHOW THEM OTHERWISE. I AM NOT ASKING THAT WE START A PARADE (THOUGH NOT A BAD IDEA), I SIMPLY WANT US TO SPEAK UP & MAKE SURE OUR VOICES CREATE A LOUD & DEAFENING SOUND WHEN THIS CRAP SPILLS ITSELF INTO THE EARS OF SOCIETY. IT IS TIME FOR US TO STOP ENJOYING THE LIFE OF A HOMOSEXUAL IN THE DARK & COME INTO THE LIGHT OF LOVE & OUR OWN PERSONAL ACCEPTANCE.


  1. I quite agree with you that Homosexuality is not the problem, it's Homophobia - and even though I'm straight, I really don't stand for injustice, and the trampling of any person's human right.

  2. Where do you find these articles, lol but goodness I do believe that whoever is writing them should really stop. I'm a homosexual christian in a pentecostal church and take offense to this whatever you call it! Christianity is about christians sharing the good news of Jesus and extending the knowledge of how to live holy. Holy living is what it is! It's how Christ/God wants us to live. He does not like homosexuality (the practice of homosexual acts) he never said you couldn't be homosexual. He never said gays would burn. Look it up...

    I've sat too long and I'm about to get up!





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