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Tuesday, 29 April 2008


WHO AM I – WHAT AM I? Many of us have struggled with this question, especially as GAY MEN, when we were trying to make sense of our sexual needs, and seeking reassurance through identification of our sexuality. I am of the notion that in this world to make sense of things, we should look @ those that came before us for answers. However I realizing that this thought is just that… A THOUGHT; for we do NOT have a situation where POSITIVE energy is being passed down from one generation to the next within the GAY community. Nonetheless, for US to get somewhere in this community, we need to start from somewhere. SEX IS FUN, IT IS SATISFYING and GIVES GREAT JOY TO BOTH OURSELVES and OTHERS. However, there needs to be a DEEPER understanding of OUR sexuality so we can really have a community that WE are proud of. We are literally up against the wall, fighting a system that is devouring us. When one honestly realizes the depth of the dilemma, one can choose to ACT or NOT. However WE all have been silent for too long and it is just making things worst. If WE are convinced that WE are headed in the right direction, then so be it. But in the process WE are giving ourselves such an unfair advantage AND digging a hole for ourselves that WE may never get out of. However I am of the opinion that if one simply exams the two crucial elements within the community, which are THE GAY YOUTH and THE GAY ELDER, one just may find the way to unravel this ever tangle thread.

HAVE MATURE GAY MEN GIVEN UP ON THE MALE GAY YOUTH? DO THEY EVEN CARE? With the YOUNG GAY MALE growing up in this time, how can GAY MATURE simply let them fall by the way side? How did they go from F&CKING in the dark of night, catching a piece of ASS here n’ there to leaving that behind only to come back to that? How is possible that the MATURE GAY MALE simply see the GAY YOUTH as their modern-day BATHHOUSES and GLORY HOLES? I SAY THIS PHENOMENON EXISTS SIMPLY BECAUSE OUR MATUREGAY STILL HAS NOT COME TO THE UNDERSTAND OF THEIR SEXUALITY. It AMAZES how earlier in their lives, they may have consciously suppressed their feelings AND knack around corners AND bushes to get off. I would think that when they GREW up they would NOT allow their D!CKS to force them to find some YOUNG GAY ASS to relieve themselves. This is the MAJOR problem in the community; ALL every seems to be concern about is SEX and nothing else. With that said I will have to admit that I cannot place the blame totally on them. However, they are NOT helping the situation. I get that they met this cycle in place so how can they change it? I get that they were taught to see their lives as inferior to that of HETEROS. I get that this was the most devasting thing to the community. However this frighteningly element is but a blind charm; if ONLY WE ALL can see that. How can a SAME~GENDER~LOVING~MAN that wants to be with another male be the one thing that is wrong? One would think that they should AND would know better. Aren’t they the ones that are living a life that they are trying so hard not to? They brand themselves the enemy who has abandoned the status quo of what a man is all about. Hence this idea that he is his own enemy makes him feel vulnerable AND forces him to NOT make the connection with the GAY MALE YOUTH beyond his D!CK in his ASS. It is obvious that the GAY MALE has NO real definition of HIS manhood. Not only does HE allow society to CLEARLY DEFINE him, he does an even better job by NOT mentoring the GAY MALE YOUTH that comes his way.


I am sure that there are a lot of US that are GAY and CONFUSED as to what this life really means. It is a TRAGEDY that even in the 21st Century, many YOUNG GAY MEN experience prejudice AND discrimination from their families AND communities. Moreover, it is a much sadder situation when they come across another GAY male that is older AND he F&CKS him, but NOT in a good way. This is extremely difficult AND painful for a YOUNG GAY MAN in this position because he is unknowingly conforming to some rules that he doesn’t is in place. He is @ a point in his life where he is looking for something…someone who can shine a light in the dark places. AND HOW CAN HE NOT? WHY SHOULDN’T HE LOOK TO THE MATURE GAY MALE FOR GUIDENCE? He knows the ropes, he paved the way…yet it seems that they are both in need of some REAL LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. It puzzles me how there is NO MENTORSHIP within the GAY community beyond what takes place sexually. I can’t see how it is something so accepted AND tolerable. HOW CAN WE NOT SEE HOW THIS IS HURTING THE COMMUNITY? When a BOY becomes a MAN and has to deal with the taboo subject of HIS sexuality, isn’t it obvious that he is largely ignorant of what HIS sexuality is all about? There is a HEIGHTEN anxiety around sex AND HIS sexuality which result in him seeking answers to questions that seems to elude him. Here’s a thought…¿HOW ABOUT MENTORING OUR YOUNG GAY MEN INSTEAD OF JUS' F&CKING THEM? You have come before them so shouldn’t you have some doors open AND make life a little easier for a YOUNG GAY MAN to walk through? The longer this issue stays AND the truth is NOT revealed, the more PAIN and AGONY WE will suffer.

When it is all said and done, it simply boils down to one thing…WE ARE NOT MEN! It is as if WE are IMPOTENT and this impotence is MOSTLY self-inflicted SOLELY based on OUR decision to stand in the shadow of a master that will FOREVER try to keep US back. The resurgence of OUR sexuality is directly related to our willingness to SPEAK and ACT out, against this oppression and NOT exploit each other. For if we ACTUALLY felt WE were men AND live it no matter what, WE would be a better people. Instead what WE really have is a community with NON-MEN that falsify AND degrade US. I can NEVER understand why WE want to bring this FALSE manhood to fruition. It is NON-FUNCTIONAL and to put it mildly WE ARE TRYING TO BE SOMEONE, BUT WHEN WE GET SOMEONE IN OUR BEDS WE CANNOT FIND SOMETHING OUR THAN INTERCOURSE TO SHOW HOW WE CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER. WHEN WILL THE PARADOX BE CLARIFIED? IT IS NOT THE GAY MAN THAT I AM ATTACKING, BUT THE GAY MAN THAT TRIES TO BE EVERYTHING BUT A MAN! The painful realization is that even before WE become the men we want to be, WE are attacked for being what in fact WE are not. WE NEED TO FACE THE FACT THAT WE ARE OUR OWN OPPRESSORS, WE ARE EXACTLY LIKE THE ONES THAT TRY DEFINE WHO WE ARE AS MEN…HENCE WE CAN NEVER HOPE TO BE A MAN…The psycho-social dilemma that we label as HOMOPHOBIA, but INTERNALLY WE know the truth…Too much time is wasted on defending ourselves against perceived notions about the GAY man that WE loose the battle long before the war starts. WE know the system is NOT working yet WE carry on as if it is; HOW CUTE IS THAT? WHAT DOES IT PROFIT THE GAY TO WIN HIS MANHOOD IF THE COST IS MANAGING THE BREAK DOWN OF THE COMMUNITY? AREN’T WE MARGINALIZED ENOUGH? WHY CAN’T WE ADDRESS THE DEPTH OF OUR PAIN RATHER THAN SUFFER IN SILENCE? IS IT ANY WONDER WE OFTEN END UP MARGINALIZE INTO A POSITION OF VERY LIMITED, IF ANY, EFFECTIVENESS?

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