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Friday, 04 April 2008


The molds of MAN/WOMAN, MALE/FEMALE, and MASCULINE FEMININE do not fit everyone. They certainly don't fit WE HOMOSEXUAL MEN. Heterosexual sex has been the dominant form of sexuality throughout society. This is mainly the case because the species could only reproduce itself through SEX that occurs between a man AND a woman. I find it amazing how the word SEX conjures up images that are solely male AND female. Despite this notion, the GAY MAN is part human, part sexual being AND the evolution of SEXUALITY. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE SEXUAL REALM THAT CAN COMPARE TO THE WAY GAY MEN HAVE SEX! When we submit to anal sex, it is suffice to say that we are NEVER the same. HOW CAN WE BE? Though this form of sexuality is seen as a distracting element from the practical tasks of a man’s work (REPRODUCTION), it cannot be denied. Society needs to accept that if a man prefers to penetrate another man rather than a woman that he is merely exploring the part of himself that is TRUE. There is a certain kind of freedom in man on man SEX. Within society female AND male, gay AND straight are opposites. However within the world of a GAY man such a notion does NOT exist. The reason for this is simple; when a GAY man indulges himself in sexual activity he is saying this is he is who he is AND there is NOTHING wrong with him. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT WHEN SEX HAPPENS BETWEEN TWO MEN, IT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING IN THE WORLD. It is @ this time that they are both giving all the energy AND power they can generate. Sexuality courses through them AND it is channeled, thrown back into the universe. NO ONE can deny that when MEN explore each other that they turn up the voltage on sexuality AND make it explode. Whether you are a STRICT TOP, VERSATILE TOP, FULLY VERSATILE, VERSATILE BOTTOM OR STRICT BOTTOM it does not matter; the only thing that is important is that a GAY man enjoys himself sexually…THOUGH MANY SOCIETAL FACTORS FACILITATE HOW GAY MEN DEVELOP THEIR SEXUALITY, THE ONE THING EVERYONE HAS TO ACKNOWLEDGE IS THAT IT HAPPENS WHETHER ONE FEELS IT SHOULD OR NOT.

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