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Sunday, 27 April 2008


Pseudo-CHRISTIAN & HOMOPHOBES use the bible as a primer for hatred. Hatred is their most revered GODLY value. Homosexuals are their favorite persons to hate. The following are ten reasons not to be fooled by such biblical trickery. Refer to these items to silence any blasphemous hater, INSTANTLY! Most have never even read their bibles. It is difficult to read any book while it is closed and being used as a club, so read on…
  1. There is no word for homosexuality in the original, ancient Hebrew text. The bible makes NO reference to homosexuals as we know them today, nor as they exist in every living species. From The Church and the Homosexual: “Malakoi and arsenokotai are not synonymous with homosexual. The former were simply debauched individuals, and the latter were probably male prostitutes or those given to anal intercourse, which is not necessarily or exclusively homosexual activity.” From The Good Book: “The King James version of the 1611 text makes no mention of homosexuality or any of its cognates. The first use of the term in an English bible is to be found in the Revised Standard of 1946.”
  2. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah has NOTHING to do with homosexuality. You will not even find the word “homosexual” in any version of this text. The angels came to destroy the city BEFORE they met the evil mob. Lot offers his virgin daughters to that same mob. Later, these same girls rape Lot. Lot’s wife was destroyed. If this story condemns homosexuality, then it also condones incest and gang rape. And, Lot’s wife was a lesbian. NONE of which is true. From The Good Book: “The Hebrew verb “to know” is rarely used in a sexual sense. It occurs 943 times in the Old Testament and in only 10 of those does it have the sense of carnal knowledge. Sodom is referred to throughout the Old Testament as a place of wickedness and is synonymous with it. But, nowhere does it state that homosexuality was the wickedness in question...Sodomite refers almost exclusively to a male prostitute.. .to say that homosexual conduct is wrong because the bible says it is, is not to answer, but to dismiss the question.... Sex can be productive without being reproductive. Homosexual rape is never to be condoned. It is indeed, like heterosexual rape, an abomination before God. David’s sin of adultery with Bathsheba does not make all heterosexual expressions sinful!” From The Bible, Ezekiel 17:48-50: “The Lord says ‘Your sister Sodom’s sins were pride and laziness and too much food. While the poor and needy suffered outside her door, she insolently worshipped many idols as I watched. Therefore, I crushed her.’” From What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality: “The sin of Sodom was abuse and offense to strangers-insult to the traveler, inhospitality to the needy. The story is no more about sex than it is about pounding on someone’s front door. The bible offers NO valid conclusion whatsoever about homosexuality.”
  3. Leviticus, Romans, and Corinthians all refer to “unnatural sex” for HETEROSEXUALS. It is NATURAL for HOMOSEXUALS to engage in homosexual sex. (Also see WHAT IS REAL SEX herein.) Yet, heterosexuals sin daily as gay prostitutes, porno film stars, lewd voyeurs, prison rapists, etc.... From The Good Book: “In Romans...Paul did not discuss gay persons but heterosexual people who performed homosexual acts. To suggest that Paul’s references to excesses of sexual indulgence, involving homosexual behavior, are indicative of a general position in opposition to same-sex eroticism, is as unfounded as arguing that his condemnation of drunkenness implies opposition to the drinking of wine. In Corinthians 1:7, Paul discusses the conjugal relations that ought to obtain between Christian husbands and wives. For those whom celibacy was too high a price, he issued his famous edict that it was ‘better to marry than to burn’- not in hell. But with desire for the satisfaction of sex. Nowhere does he mention the sole purpose of such conjugality is the procreation of children.”
  4. In Leviticus, homosexuality is an abomination not because it is inherently evil, but because the Gentiles do it. It is, therefore, ritually impure. From What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality: “Leviticus condemns sex as a religious crime of idolatry-not as a sexual offense. Romans suggest that sex acts have no ethical significance whatsoever. Corinthians and Timothy object to specific forms of male prostitution. These books do not refer to homosexuality. They make a general condemnation of moral looseness, lewd, lustful, and lascivious behavior.”
  5. “Love Thy Neighbor” is a commandment. For the record, millions of your neighbors are homosexuals.
  6. The bible is written by human men. They are not God. They never quote God or Jesus as saying ANYTHING about homosexuals. Jesus makes only one statement that can even be remotely viewed as a reference to homosexuality. Matthew 19:12: “Jesus said ‘Some are born without the ability to marry.’”
  7. God is love. Homosexuals are consenting adults who love each other. Gay love is invisible to gay bashers. They see only gay sex. They hunt it down, exclusively, obscenely, curiously, and passionately. Many gay bashers are homosexuals. They will love us when they learn to love themselves.
  8. God loves EVERYONE who is GOOD. Some of the best persons in the world are homosexuals. From Dr. Cornel West, in the film "All God’s Children" “If I have one word for fellow Christians, I would ask them to keep their eyes on the love of Jesus, and to not confuse the blood at Calvary with the Kool-Aid of homophobia in America. Kool-Aid is thin and shallow and it’s linked to scapegoating and trashing other people...But the blood, as thick as it is, is open enough for everybody.”
  9. There are thousands of REAL SINS in the bible that gay bashers ignore/commit. Selective smoke and blasphemous mirrors will never save their souls or mask their hypocrisy. Unlike the misinterpretations and exaggerations regarding homosexuality, the bible makes SPECIFIC references to many actual sins that gay bashers habitually ignore. (See NUMEROUS biblical references to adultery, lying, judging, dietary laws, gossiping, infidelity, disrespecting authority, betraying family etc....)
  10. The bible is not a primer for hatred. The bible is “the good book”. Gay bashers use it exclusively as an evil bat; one they use exclusively to bash the skulls of homosexuals. Religion has destroyed spirituality. Religion is man-made and divisive. Spirituality is divine and unifying. Religion selects the designated few. Spirituality embraces the divine in us all.

Religion has destroyed spirituality. Religion is man-made and divisive. Spirituality is divine and unifying. Religion selects the designated few. Spirituality embraces the divine in us all.


  1. Excellent information. I never thought anyone could get ten points against the ignorant homophobes. It's also interesting if you study history the culture of Jesus' time [before Rome adopted Christianity]. I really think this will help maybe not for those who hate gay people - I think little will help them but it will help those who are struggling to love themselves as homosexuals. But, as you said sometimes they're the ones that are the homophobes.

  2. I'm appreciate u posting this entry for a few reasons. One of which is, i have someone in my life that i love so so much. He has been struggling with his past and now his present. He feels that his quality of life has to do with him being homosexual. He thinks that no gay man can truly be happy living a gay life. And that is due to the fact that he has a paster in his ear telling him that he will never be happy unless he lets go of his gay feelings. I know because this paster tried it with me. so this man i love has now cut me out of life. in his attempt to change himself. im going to show him ur entry and see what he has to say. I hope it stirs something up in him to allow him to accept himself and let go of some of his pain. Thank u




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