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Saturday, 26 April 2008


For we SAME GENDER LOVING INDIVIDUALS, it is important that we feel like we belong to a community that is international, and not feeling alone in our world of SEXUALITY, SEXUAL PREFERENCES OR SEXUAL NEEDS. In modern times, there have been more than enough criticism on the HOMOSEXUAL lifestyle and it has taken its toll on the GAY man. However, I feel that it is important for the GAY man to find some way to raise above all the things he has going against him AND ensure that he feels SECURE in this world in which he lives. It does not matter who you are OR where you are from; if you are a GAY man you have a right to say to the world that I have a right to be who I am AND I deserve to belong to something that is RIGHT, GOOD, BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL & PERPETUAL. Now the crazy thing for me is that MOST of us that are GAY does NOT feel this way about who he is AND he shows it in a way that is so WRONGLY, POORLY, UGLY, UNATURALLY & FLEETINGLY demeaning. This kind of sentiment only serves the interests of an enemy that is seeking to carry out their vicious repression AND create a reactionary atmosphere, in fortifying the oppression of GAY men. Now I know that this statement may raise a few eyebrows AND some would say that LESBIANS don’t have a cake walk either, I do agree with that notion. However, whether it is admitted OR not, they are somewhat ACCEPTED by society which in my opinion means that they are half way there. We see many GAY men divided AND pitted against their families in haze of confusion. Society seems to relish in this sentiment that the general social isolation AND the closeting of homosexuality gives rise to the personal pain AND torment of the GAY man. We see this reflected within the suicide rates of young GAY males all around the world. WHY CAN’T THE MALE-TO-MALE SEXUAL EXPLORATION BE SEEN AS SOMETHING THAT IS NEITHER GOOD NOR BAD BY THE GAY MAN? WHY IS THAT MOST OF US HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING THAT GIVES US SOME REASSURANCE TO MAKE US FEEL GOOD ABOUT OUR SEXUALITY? I THANK GOD THAT VENUES SUCH AS THIS ARE AVAILABLE & I CAN SHOWCASE THE SECURITY THAT I FEEL IN BEING GAY. THERE WAS A TIME IN ALL OF OUR LIVES WHEN WE FELT AS IF WE WERE THE ONLY GAY ONES & NO ONE ELSE OUT THERE HAD TO STRUGGLE WITH HIS SEXUALITY. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO CELEBRATE OUR SEXUAL REALITY & CONTINUE TO STRIVE FOR SELF-DETERMINATION, SELF RESPECT, HUMAN RIGHTS & EQUALITY? HOWEVER, ONE ABOUT OUR SEXUALITY, IT IS WRONG FOR US TO REDUCE WHO WE ARE SEXUALLY TO AN ERROR OR QUESTION WHETHER IT IS A CHOICE OR NOT. THERE WAY TOO MANY VARIATIONS OF GAY MEN FOR US SIMPLY AMOUNT WHO WE ARE TO CERTAIN IDEAS, WE ARE MORE THAN THAT! MY POINT IS FOR US AS GAY TO FEEL SECURE ABOUT THIS “LIFE” & NOTE THAT OUR STRUGGLE SHOULD NOT BE A MATTER OF CHOICE, IT SHOULD BE ABOUT WHETHER SOCIETY HAS THE RIGHT TO DETERMINE WHO ARE BECAUSE OF IT…

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