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Saturday, 19 April 2008


It always surprises me how each day is different from next; and today is unlike any other. The day was ALL about FRIENDSHIP of course and we were given the opportunity to say HELLO to a friend that decided to step away from the forum because there were certain issues that she could not handle and deal with. Of course it was a surprise to get her call inviting everyone for a dinner @ her place later that evening (I GUESS SHE MISSED OUR ENERGY). I would be hard press to say that her energy was NOT missed though it was felt, it is just that she made a personal decision, which is well respected; but sometimes I am of the opinion that LIFE is BIGGER than all of us…BUT WHAT DO I KNOW? I am a mere man whose rose colored glasses maybe in a need for a little cleaning. Nonetheless, the dinner was VERY pleasant AND the company was divine; it felt as she did not a break OR was absent from the group. And I am sure that ALL of us in attendance felt this way…THERE IS APART OF ME THAT HOPES THAT SHE WOULD MOVE BEYOND THE THINGS THAT ARE BLOCKING HER FROM MAKING MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME. SHE IS MISSING OUT ON LIFE BASICALLY & WE ALL KNOW THAT ONCE TIME HAS PASSED…SO AS THESE WORDS PRESENT THEMSELVES FOR THE WORLD TO SEE, I WANT TO SAY THAT I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO SAY HELLO TO AN OLD FRIEND & HOPE THAT SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY SHE WILL RETURN TO THE ROUND TABLE & INDULGE HERSELF IN FRIENDSHIP ONCE MORE…

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