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Monday, 31 March 2008


TODAY IS THE DAY THAT I TAKE HOLD OF MY FUTURE & SHIFT MY PRIORITIES & FOCUS IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION; TODAY IS THE DAY THAT I TIP THE SCALES IN MY FAVOR AS THE MY TIDE COMES IN…Today I wash away the troubles AND call forth freshness into my life. For far too long I have been @ the mercy of those that sought to break AND destroy me. NOW I STAND WITH MY CHEST OPEN REVEALING A HEART THAT NEVER IS BROKEN! It’s 10 years since I have been a YES man OR that man that felt trap AND couldn’t break free…that man that saw your injustice AND felt powerless…that man that saw the psychology of YOUR deceit. The secrets that were deliberately hidden from me related closely to your lies, but I saw right through you. Your lies AND deceit sought to the increase conflict that has followed me all my life…further fueling the battle between the internal AND external view of the of world. You seem to think that my world is composed of unrealistic fantasies but this perceived reality is ALL yours. I have my head in the clouds, YES! As every man should, but make NO mistake my feet are firmly planted on the ground. Please do NOT blame for wanting to LIVE while I am alive, isn’t that what you are doing? You want me to become so besieged by deep feelings of inadequacy that I may jump into the sea AND attempt to swim towards your ship of LIES for you believe it to be superior to mine. This psychological effort on your part will NOT work on my unconscious mind because I saw you LOOONNNGGG before you saw me; I have dealt with the likes of you AND you will NOT prevail. Though I was born in an unhealthy AND brutal psyche where men like you take advantage of men like me, I am here letting you know that I am NOT my mother OR her mother AND her mother before her. This so call SOPHISTICATED system of psychological warfare is DEAD to me…LEARN IT…ACCEPT IT…DEAL WITH IT…OR NOT…THE CHOICE IS YOURS! I WILL SPEND THIS MOMENT CLEANSING MYSELF, RIDDING MYSELF OF YOU & BECOMING MORE AWARE OF ME. SO SAD THAT YOU DID NOT GET TO SEE THAT I AM GIFT FROM THE UNIVERSE, SO SAD THAT YOU WERE TOO CAUGHT UP IN TRYING TO BRING ME DOWN…SO SAD, LORD IT SO SAD! SO AS YOU CARRY ON WITH YOUR LIFE, YOU WILL REMEMBER ME…NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO SHAKE ME & IF IT TAKES FOR YOU TO SEE THE ERROR OF YOUR WAYS ON YOUR DEATH BED YOU WILL SEE THE FORGIVENESS THAT I AM NOW GIVING YOU…

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