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Tuesday, 12 February 2008


In the course of my live, I've increasingly been met by MEN with relationship problems. These MEN had lives that were disrupted by various issues regarding the ones they love, have loved or regarding the search for love. Some, maybe most, of them chuck up their problems with LOVE to many things that are NOT necessarily the truth. I find we sell ourselves short AND let LOVE evade us. This behavior is VERY wasteful energetically; but I get why it must be…Nonetheless, I feel that NO matter what our situation may be, NO one can deny that LOVE is REAL. We can try with ALL of might NOT to associate ourselves with it; yet it still finds us. Nonetheless, it seems as if WE GAY MEN attract MEN that are NOT good OR worthy of us, yet we do not see anything wrong with that. This sparks the question of asking if WE ARE LOOKING FOR THAT IMPERFECT SOMEONE TO SHARE YOUR LIFE WITH or ARE YOU JUST GOING ALONG WITH LIFE PRAYING FOR THAT PERFECT MAN? I find that finding that elusive ideal mate doesn't come that easily for most of us because we haven't learned the importance of being very clear in our thoughts what type of person would truly make us happy. Hence living the notion that LOVE is NOT REAL! We as a community project such a MURKY IMAGE of our desires that it is NEARLY impossible for the universe to deliver our IMPERFECT package. Though I cannot fully blame GAY MEN for the way they view LOVE, I have to say that as ADULTS they owe it to themselves that they live base on LOVE. This unclear notion that is in our minds about LOVE just leaves us in a fog that will NOT clear until we get ourselves where we ought to be. Now I am NOT disregarding the fact that some if NOT all of us need to be in this place because if we view LOVE in such a manner then we need NOT to have it. SO BEFORE YOU FIND OUT HOW REAL LOVE IS, EVALUATE YOURSELF. Find where you are in life @ the moment. Ask how did you get there? Are you happy OR sad? EVALUATE PAST RELATIONSHIPS. Ask what aspects in those individuals made you happiest? What aspects were not so great? Are you ready for a new relationship and all that it involves? MAKE SURE YOU ARE CLEAR ABOUT YOUR NEEDS. Explore your personal reasons for wanting to manifest a mate. Are you lonely? Are you in need of emotional support? RELEASE YOUR REQUEST TO THE UNIVERSE. Trust that everything will work out perfectly.

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