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Monday, 11 February 2008


In relationships today, we tend to attract a pattern of people. These individuals are a combination of the best and worst qualities within us and the power place that is born from thees qualities merely set the stage for how durable a relationship is. In finding ones ENDURANCE within a relationship we ultimately have to FACE the demons AND angels that settle us into a HARMONIOUS partnership. I have found that the bases of ENDURANCE lie in LOVE. LOVE is GREAT, though better when one has it for the long haul; it however calls for stamina, work AND attention. I am NOT say OR thinking that LOVE should be an easy street, but I would like to say that I wonder why it is the way it is? I am a FIRM believer that LOVE is worth fighting for; I would NOT have it any other way. It is jus that this ENDURANCE that LOVE requires kill a lot of relationships because most if NOT all of us simply can’t be bothered. Now the relationship that I am currently in is one that I would WANT for the rest of my life, however if I plan on being here for a long time then I have work ahead of me. There are times when HE and I find ourselves in an argument, I feel as if we are losing control of emotions and the LOVE that we have for each other takes on a life of its own. It is @ this moment when we have to take a deep breath and take a step back from the situation. Because for us LOVE means that we can AGREE to DISAGREE and looking honestly @ what caused us to argue in the first place is more important. Hence ENDURANCE is needed to feed LOVE because it can help us be clear about our feelings AND intentions AND communicate them clearly.

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