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Saturday, 26 January 2008


So today I ended my weekly coffee event with my FRIENDS a bit early. Today I went there with a renewed sense of HOW my FRIENDS were doing, thinking that they were ACTUALLY on the path of making things better for themselves. Now the funny thing is that I had something else in mind for what this entry was going to be about. However, I decided to wait N' see what the atmosphere was like first then come back and write on it. NOW AS I SIT HERE N’ WRITE THIS ENTRY I AM NOW SEEING THAT IT WAS A GOOD THING I CHOSE TO PLAY THE WAITING GAME…I wonder if I had actually posted the entry that I originally wanted if that would somehow send out POSITIVE vibes and show a different turn of events? Nonetheless, I am NOT in the business of telling my FRIENDS how they should live OR what they should do. And I did NOT write the entry which is EXACTLY how it should have been done. There were things that I said that were HURTFULL. However, they do NOT come a place of MALICE or ANGER. In fact I am the total opposite, if I argue with someone that means that I care and want them to fix whatever is bothering them; when I keep my mouth shut AND not say a word…I find it difficult to know that I am in the company of persons that I care about that are doing things that are obviously HURTING them. Me being who I am, I feel the liberty to express such thoughts AND let them know what I feel. I AM NOT GOD NOR DO I WANT TO BE HIM! I however, think that I care WAY too much AND I am fighting for things that are NOT important to them…THINGS THAT ARE FOR THEIR WELL-BEING. I PUT THEM FIRST & ME SECOND & PLACE MYSELF IN THEIR SHOES. However, things go I only want the BEST for them and as time passes by I realize that I have to simply allowing them to be in the mess AND hope that they would take themselves out of it…FOR THEY TELL ME THAT HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL…The fool in me is GIVING them the HOPE n’ LOVE and all they need is the FAITH! And as much as I would LOVE to change that, IT IS NOT MY PLACE and I won’t even attempt to make it mine. We are ALL on our path AND there are times when they will cross…I JUST HOPE THAT WE ARE @ A GREAT PLACE WHEN IT DOES…

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