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Sunday, 27 January 2008


The other day I was driving in town minding my own business and my eyes happen to gaze upon a sign that read BROTHER SO & SO DELI. Now as I drove along my first thoughts were, WHY IS THAT THERE ARE CERTAIN PERSONS OUT THERE FEEL AS IF THEY HAVE DIBS ON GOD? Before I say anything else, please note that I AM ALL FOR PERSONS EXPRESSING THEIR LOVE FOR OUR CREATOR IN THE WAYS THEY FEEL. However, I feel that most if NOT all tend to think that they and they alone have DIBS on GOD and his blessings. Now there is NO need for me mince my words OR use polite euphemisms, so can someone tell me why do the OVERZEALOUS CHRISTIANS or what I commonly referred to as RELIGIOUS FANATICS believe that they are the ONLY ones God will bless?
I REALLY wish that I felt SORRY to burst their SANCTIFIED BUBBLE, but someone needs to knock them down from that pulpit; because I, A GAY MAN HAVE JUST AS MUCH RIGHTS AS THEY HAVE WHEN IT COMES TO ‘GOD!’ Moreover, I think I sooner will see GOD’S face OR his glory LONG before they do because they are NOT operating in the realm HUMANITY and HUMILITY. In my opinion this sort of behavior is like having SEX without seeking the other party’s permission and its result is SPIRITUAL rape.(NOW, I GET THAT THIS CORRELATION MAY SEEM HARSH OR SLIGHTLY EXAGGERATED, BUT IT MAKES MY POINT NONETHELESS). Seeing that sign made me realize that this person is abusing me SPIRITUALLY without my consent AND violating my HUMANITY
That DISPLAY signified so much and it is placed there to keep others in a constant state of unworthiness. Like any form of corruption, these FANATICS know that it need only to expose their SO CALL LOVE for ‘GOD’ in this way AND it will take on a life of its own. We all know that ALL religions have their FANATICS and depend on who you ask the response about that sign that I saw may range from IT BEING A SIMPLE SIGN TO IT BEING AN ACT OF UNGODLINESS! Nonetheless, this sign can VIVIDLY show how something simple like this has the potentially to dehumanize persons like me as it SO often does in the name of religion. Me being the OPPRESSED, I will be seen as a COMPLETE objection to their SPIRITUALITY and IDENTITY. However, the threat from this sign does NOT only exist in this state, it is merely the product of the place from which it was born…

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