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Monday, 17 December 2007


We GAY MEN have a knack for coming together AND rising up to our potential in the face of a tragedy. I CAN VIVIDLY RECALL BEING @ THE CLUB WHERE THERE WAS SUCH A VOCAL OUT CRY AGAINST H. I. V. / A. I. D. S. Isn’t it funny how things like this bring us out of our small selves and into each other, ready to combat this disease? Sadly, this energy does NOT go beyond the point on which it was created. They say elements such as H. I. V. / A. I. D. S. are often LIFE-CHANGING events for those who are willing to step into the position of helper. There is the feeling that one is doing something important and this leads to feeling more self-actualized. It is understandable that one would feel more connected to those they are helping, which ultimately connects us to humanity in general. Nonetheless, it seems as if most GAY MEN cannot expand beyond the boundaries of their individualistic pursuit in this world. Hence this complete reality shift appears to make them seem nonchalant in the fight against H. I. V. / A. I. D. S. However, there needs to be significant effort to thwart this disease by coming to the rescue of those who are suffering. If GAY MEN could only consider the many benefits of this kind gesture, they would see how much better LIFE would be. I FIND IT EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO ACCEPT THAT MOST IF NOT ALL WILL NOT DEVOTE HIMSELF TO THIS CAUSE! Why do we constantly wait for TRAGEDY of H. I. V. / A. I. D. S. to come our way? AS GAY MEN WE HAVE THE POWER & CAN BEAT THIS DISEASE IF ONLY WE CAN COME TOGETHER & OFFER OURSELVES TO THE CAUSE. I get that it is easier to respond to an event such as this on need to bases. However, truth be known is that this disease do NOT take time off; so why should we? We are helpers AND healers that can fix things one day @ a time; we just need to take baby steps. I GET THAT THESE BABY STEPS MAY SEEM INSIGNIFICANT & POINTLESS. However, we CANNOT be discouraged by the notion that small acts AND gestures do not generate the enough energy. WE HOWEVER, HAVE THE POWER TO INSPIRE THE HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS TO COMBAT THIS DISEASE. IMAGINE WHAT WE CAN ACCOMPLISH IF WE PAY A LITTLE LESS ATTENTION TO TRIVIAL THINGS & PUT THAT ENERGY WHERE IT CAN HAVE LASTING POWER. LET US ALL STRIVE TO BE THOSE EVERYDAY HEROES WHO DEVOTE THEIR LIVES TO ALLEVIATE THE SUFFERING OF H. I. V. / A. I. D. S…¡THE TIME IS NOW!

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