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Thursday, 13 December 2007


What is the difference of you, me & he?
Be it once or twice removed,
Aren’t we all just recycled?
Date a little here,
Fuck a little there…
Elements of a someone,
As we spin out of control;
With only the lingered remains.
Playing games of love in the dark,
Kissing with the same breathe,
Always the same color;
Fooling the bravest of men,
How so casual of us;
To be misled by the elements that we read.
The ones that set off
Some signal in our head,
That love would be a stranger…
And love back.
Yet we never hide our heart away,
All caught up in the confusion…
The delusion;
That is he.
So sweet,
But oh so bitter…
The morning after.
Not that it should even matter
If it does then we will be alone…again.
Then he is gone,
And our heart is itching
Cause once again…
He has gone wrong.
Now we are the silly n’ foolish fools,
That carelessly…
Believed in the elements
That took us round n’ round…
© tgk

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