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Monday, 03 December 2007


Within REASON I have come to understand that as it stands today, that it is too difficult for SOCIETY to actually think about what goes on in the mind of a HOMOSEXUAL man. Hence my NOT so surprisingly interesting encounter in the bathroom @ my place of work when I found myself confined in a room that brought me within close proximity of another man that couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I smiled as he QUICKLY zipped up his pants and scurried out of there; narrowly missing the chance to piss on the floor OR get his D!CK caught in his zipper. I SUPPOSE HE GOT THE MEMO THAT HOMOSEXUAL AROUSAL IS DIRECTLY LINKED TO HOMOPHOBIA! Nonetheless, HOMOMPHOBIA locks all of us into rigid gender roles that inhibit creativity and self-expression. And this can only compromise the integrity of heterosexuals by pressuring them to treat us with actions that go against our basic humanity. I get that some persons are afraid and that's just all there is to it. However when I come across behavior such as that I cannot help but wonder if he was raised in that way OR was his assumptions based on his life OR his faith. No matter because my liberal beliefs are neither the result of an enlightened upbringing nor a reaction against a repressive upbringing, it is just who I am. Even though I am acutely aware of the fact that HOMOPHOBIA is everywhere, the bathroom is the one place I didn’t think it would lurk. I find it VERY interesting that HOMOPHOBIA has found its way into the bathroom of the work place and living in a country where being GAY is still viewed by as an immoral and a sinful mental disorder, I shouldn’t be puzzled @ all by this @ all. As tempting AND juicy as it sounds, I think that I would have to DECLINE any passes that might come about. Being of sound mind, I can vehemently say that I AM NOT COMFORTABLE WITH ANY RESTROOM THAT DOES NOT LEAD TO MY BEDROOM! I have found that bathrooms that are for public use are often DIRTY, CROWDED and you can hardly ever accomplish what you set out do to. So the unmitigated gaul that I a HOMOSEXUAL man has some perverse sexual appetite that just wants to devour a man in the restroom is simply outrageous! This DARK cloud of HOMOPHOBIA that has cast a bad feeling over a simple place makes me cringe because far too often we fail to see how HOMOPHOBIA contributes to the vicious cycle of HATRED. Hence, I STRONGLY feel that that the sooner we take this situation and flip it on its head, the sooner we can realize the foolishness of it all. IT IS LUDICROUS FOR ME TO ACCEPT THAT BY SOCIETY’S STANDARDS THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A WIFE N’ KIDS or OPENLY SUBSCRIBE TO SOME FORM OF CHRISTIANITY & SEEK A LIFE WITH A MAN. I am BAFFLED by the AUDACITY and HYPOCRISY of this GAY WITCH HUNT that has found itself standing @ urinal next to me. This BITTER~SWEET event saddens me to think that I live in such a RABIDLY HOMOPHOBIC culture that has the idea that I can look at another man and somehow taint him with the power of proximity. Nonetheless, I do NOT wonder where this widespread paranoia comes from, because life has taught me that HOMOPHOBIA is most often found in uneducated men from rural areas. Oddly enough, this group believes that HOMOSEXUALITY is a freely made choice. This concept cannot help but to display their IGNORANCE and highlights the continuous transmittance of HOMOPHOBIA. I AM AWARE THAT BOTH SIDES OF THIS COIN NEEDS TO ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR PART IN SUCH AN UGLY EVENT. But at the same time, those who insist on subscribing to HOMOPHOBIA needs to recognize the behavior their views propagate. SO OUR REDEFING SEX N’ GENDER ROLES HAS NO BEARING ON WHO WE ARE. IT IS A SAD DAY WHEN PERSONS THAT IS PLAGUED WITH IGNORANCE HAS THE NEED TO IDENTIFY SOME MINORTY THAT THEY CAN HATE & FEEL SUPERIOR TO. A MAN WITH LITTLE or NO COMMON SENSE IS A NATURAL BORN FOLLOWER IN SEARCH OF A LEADER. SO INSTEAD OF EMBRACING HOMOPHOBIA, THEY NEED TO ADHERE TO THE FACT THAT WE ARE ALL NOT ALIKE & THERE IS NO GOOD or BAD NECESSARILY INHERENT IN OUR DIFFERENCES. AS NICE AS IT WOULD BE, I WOULD LOVE TO THINK THE CONCEPT OF SEPARATE BUT EQUAL SHOULD APPLY HERE, HOWEVER IT IS JUST NOT PRACTICLE FOR OUR CULTURE. WE ARE SO DEEPLY ROOTED IN A CLASS SYSTEM THAT IT SEEMS AS IF THERE IS SOMETHING IN OUR PSYCHES THAT MAKES IT INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT TO SHOW THEM THE PAIN OF EXCLUSION. IN THE END I FIND IT SAD THAT WE HAVE NOT FOUND ANY NEW SOLUTIONS, I GUESS THAT’S PERFECTLY FINE BECAUSE WE ARE STILL DANCING AROUND THE SAME OLD IDEOLOGIES WHEN IT COMES TO HOMOSEXUALITY. I SAY WE START SMALL & THE BATHROOM IS THE PERFECT PLACE; THE SOONER WE DEAL WITH THIS ISSUE THE BETTER!


  1. Silly, silly man! The public restroom is where you window shop and check out the merchandise. THEN you take them HOME to YOUR bedroom that leads directly to your bathroom!!!

    Must I tell you everything????




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