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Thursday, 20 December 2007


I am in AWE of the ONE,
That is the ONE.
Never thought I would live to see,
He, that has cast hopes of love on me.
He is the thoughts,
That consumes every part of my being.
And his profound impact,
Has taught me exactly what it means to be human.
With he I cannot hide,
With he I am compelled.
As the sun rise I feel lucky that I get another day…
…To bask in the glow of he.
My eternal soul will forever be grateful,
For I am humble by he.
Never had these words been more true,
Than when I write them about he.
I love that he makes my heart smile,
When I talk about him.
I love that he makes my spirit soar,
When I think about him.
I love that he sparks my creativity,
To write this about he…
I love he has me feeling,
© tgk

1 comment:

  1. B I am also in Awe of you. I just think you are so amazing and you are unlike any other guy i've met ever.
    I am touched and humbled by your love, your heart and your generosity. B you consume my very being and my every thought. It is such an amazing and powerful feeling this love I have for you.I've never felt this way about anyone. Baby, you make me want to be a better man and for you I am willing to make sacrifices.B this feeling is so powerful that and articulating it may not do it justice.You are an amazing man B and your love has humbled me.




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