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Thursday, 29 November 2007


You come…
Life that is pleasant n’ peaceful
Reminding us that the transition of you is troublesome!
Suppose that is why we live as if you do NOT exist
You engulf our entire being,
And take control…
…We are such small creatures
That are @ your mercy as we try live.
Yet I stand here seeking answers,
Standing in the gaps of you that life suffers.
I am the reminder,
The remainder
Of what you have made us.
I will linger…
Longer than me;
And much like the dust splitting the wind,
I, one day will rise against you…
Cradle you in my arms,
And keep your secrets
For I will never return.
And I will be all knowing;
Living more powerful in my death…
Beget by the life I remember.
Living without what I want most,
As you sing your songs out loud
That the words are left engraved on my tomb.
So make me feel your voice rush through me
Sing it in front of the audience
With hidden messages just for me
Use that harsh and course voice with brutal honesty
Let me die with the last note,
With painful memories
Buried beneath my thick skin
As I come face to face with you,
Leaving the world in such a heart breaking way…
Such as DEATH!
© tgk


  1. Death becomes him. you have some amazing photos in your blogs. :)

  2. desth is something we can never prepair our selfs for but some how u make it sounds inviteing




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