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Sunday, 11 November 2007


I want man
A man that will grow with me emotionally…
And age with me spiritually.
I want man
That I can share the positive and negative aspects of life with,
A man that I can trust with my life…
And LOVE unconditionally.
I want a man
That I can raise kids with,
A man that values life…
And he enjoys being apart of the cycle of life.
I want a man
That I can hold in times of need,
A man that is a warrior…
And is an individual; not one of the pack.
I want a man
That is for my and his success,
A man that will lift me up…
And not tear me down.
I want a man
That agrees to disagree without making us wrong,
A man that I can share my triumphs with…
And be happy because I know he is not judgmental.
I want a man
That has an open mind,
A man that acknowledges the world around him…
And appreciates the GOD potential in others.
I want a man
That will be my FOREVER,
A man that goes beyond time…
And makes me MORE of a MAN than I am.
© tgk


  1. Fimding the person that will make you a better person than you were before is something we should all aspire to - thode who don't challange us to grow are the ones that ultimately don't know how to grow themselves

  2. I know i speak for a lot of guys when i say that this is something so many of us want and yearn for.This poem has expressed it so beautifully and has given a voice to so many who feel the same way.It sure feels like you got into my head ,into my innermost thoughts and desires and that's a pretty amazing feeling.Beautiful poem,couldn't have written it better myself.

  3. It is human nature to want to find that special person who would have such a profound impact that will ultimately make us better ppl and live the best life possible.That person who we experience true growth with on all levels be it emotionally or spiritually.Somebody who doesn't necessarily complete us but enrich our lifes and our existence. I know that is what i want and i'm quite certain i'm not alone.

  4. I think we all, somewhere in us yearn for what this poem represents. The man that is more than just our present, but our future aswell. The man that does not complete me, but he expands my identity and takes me to a place of overflow. The man who challenges me for my better, who is not willing to see stagnant and is not afraid to let me shine. Yet this man is a man, strong and courageous yet emotioanlly conscious. WOW!!!! WHAT A MAN




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