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Tuesday, 13 November 2007


TALK ABOUT THE VIOLENCE OF IT ALL…I sometimes wonder why WE are here, what is the PURPOSE of OUR existence? It seems that WE HUMANS are descending DEEPER and DEEPER into the dark abyss of social decay and WE keep digging deeper in order to get out of the hole. WE act as if OUR lives are nothing and it does not matter what happens to us. Hence in my view that LIFE is NOT picking US off like flies; rather it is US that are cracking OUR bodies like an egg, releasing the yolk inside. I sometimes wonder if it is our diet OR is it something in our gene that forces us to perpetuate the violence that is rampant in OUR communities. WE seem to revel in self- inflicted pain, then blame LIFE for the battle that we have created. I guess if WE continue to do more of same, WE will get a different result…I only wonder when WE will fight violence before it TOTALLY weighs on the social and emotional health of OUR community. I guess in OUR defense and doing something useful, WE get angry; vent OUR frustration in the vengeful call for an end to this behavior only to forget the events sooner than they took place. I find this Funny because it shows how WE want to achieve a lasting cure without dealing with the underlying causes to the problem. The pessimistic view of man seems to be the driving force behind the violence in OUR community. This only makes the problem worst before it can begin to get better. So if WE take the time to deal with PERSONAL violence that impact US mental, emotional, or physical WE can HEAL OUR community one person @ a time. However, the INTERPERSONAL violence like name-calling, mugging and abuse one to another; that stems from this concept would cease to exist because it only HURTS US and does NOT serve a purpose. Notwithstanding, the seed of violence; COMMUNITIES have NO choice but to breathe elements such as gang violence in a school and police brutality within the community. So the INSTITUTIONALIZE violence that is legally condoned by the society at large, uses capital punishment as the tool to ease the burden of confused society. So it is inevitable that violence on a NATIONAL level forces society to strip persons of their civil rights and human dignity. ALL of these concepts impact on OUR lives and bring about violence in OUR land. So If WE expect peace and tranquility in our land, WE cannot pretend that our world is an idyllic piece of paradise. It is OUR responsibility to do away with the PREVALENT INJUSTICE of violence within ourselves. Moreover, if WE truly desire peace in our land, WE must teach and live it everyday and have the courage to fight for it! WE need to understand that if WE are to STOP violence, there needs to be an understanding that the culture of LIFE finds its GREATEST hope in US. WE are supposed to stand for the equality of all, yet WE live in a world that TOLERATES and ACCEPTS the destruction of HUMAN life in the earliest and most vulnerable state. Hence, WE suffer due to the INDISCIPLINE and DISRESPECT for the sanctity of HUMANITY @ ALL stages of the continuum of life, and the environment in which WE live. WE simply can’t continue on the road we are now on. It is bound to lead to SOCIAL and ECONOMIC collapse and blaming violence on the concept that this is how LIFE is makes NO sense…

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  1. I could not have said it better myself. We treat this epidemic that has hit out country as though it is everyone else problem but our own, until one day the decay and debris from the unaddressed issue shows up at our door step. We have spent so much time in superficiality blaming and trying to diagnose and define the symptoms of the problem that we rarely even attempt to go beneath the surface. This is why things have lately gotten out of control, because instead of treating the virus that causes caner at it root, we are there worrying how we can get the hair to grow back. I think the concept of doing it one person at a time is so significant because thats where it first started. Violence did not just surface out of the misty fog, but now as the dust is begining to settle and fog is clearing away, we have nothing else to hide behind. So now either we face the issue head on, or we become ostrages and dig out heads in the sand.




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