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Tuesday, 27 November 2007


Cycle me,
Make me apart of life’s endless creation.
I want to come and go with the seasons…
And be life into life forever!
Create me in a vast room
With walls that consist of a thousand doors of possibility.
Make sure that each door is flung open to the world outside,
And the room is filled with light and noise.
Sing for Me
As I create life that is my own…
Challenge me
And I will rise to the occasion,
The King I am
Will stand strong at the throne
The jeweled crown I searched for
Will be clutched close to my heart!
So let me continue to live because I will not always be around,
Make me know that I am leaving the part of me;
That will delight and amaze the world!
So cycle this battered n’ bruised man,
Bring me to life with…
Resurrect me from my loins,
Make me a man.
See the wisdom in my voice,
Hear truth in my soul.
Bang the drums slowly
Bring tears to my eyes.
Unbreak my soul
Never leave me lost n’ insecure.
Pound your fist in the air,
So I can know I am there.
Scream my name,
Save the whispers for those who make love to you.
Be vulnerable Make me believe
It is all worth letting go
When the smoke clears
I will understand
The cycle of me
© tgk


  1. This wonderful scene shows how a father can live intensivelly in a deep moment of love with his child who just ask to be in a privileged situation : LOVE.
    Nothing can overpassed the relation between a father and his child. Love is all what a human needs. Now, we can extend this love to our friends, relatives, based on respect.

  2. the pitcher is all about shearing love, for it will carry us through life, and thats whats the world needs now is love sweet love.

  3. A second thought about this very nice photo is the fact that the father is trying to protect his child against the bad world we are and probably trying to say to his child that he will be always beside him or her to support and defend his or her life. This man seems to be discouraged but have a strong willness to give to the child all he has : LOVE
    Many time ONLY love can guide us in life.
    I wish that many persons will express their feelings about this tremendous photo Father and Child.
    I am a french person and I would like to have the possibility of writing correctly in english. But, I least I try. Just let your heart to dictate what you want to write. Love will do the rest.




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