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Monday, 29 October 2007


The hardest part of letting LOVE go is due to the fact that LOVE brings out the NARCISSIST in US. Think about it, part of being a NARCISSIST is being terribly insecure. If WE weren’t SO insecure about ourselves, WE wouldn’t work as hard as WE do; constantly seeking LOVE’S approval. Nonetheless, LOVE is a dual carriageway and comes for reasons unknown to man. Yet when it comes to LOVE, WE do it INJUSTICE and expect to find happiness but get sorrow in return. WE get SO caught up in the LOVE WE feel for someone that it consumes us. WE NEVER seem to take into consideration that LOVE is ABSOLUTE and anything else that comes OUR way would be mere SNIPPETS n’ COUNTERFEITS. Nonetheless, WE are ALL capable of the finding LOVE; however when the REPRESENTATIVES come OUR way we need to see them merely as love. Hence if WE bear in mind that If love happens for JUST one night OR a few years, it should NOT be confuse that with LOVE. Thus WE need to have an OPEN mind with everyone that WE meet because 99% of time they will NOT be what they seem to be. However, WE can work with what we have because RELATIONSHIPS n’ LOVE take on MANY different forms. Nevertheless, it is vitally important that we know how differentiate between LOVE and love. Hence if two persons have GREAT sex in common, and they are on LOAN to each for a bit how do they confuse LOVE with love? I am aware that GREAT sex would make anyone want to BOTTLE what they share and keep it, but HONESTLY does this make sense? I TOTALLY understand how easily CHEMISTRY can mislead US; it is just that I wonder how WE get LOST in love? I get the COMFORT zone thing and that the UNKNOWN is scary, but why put the HEART through such pain? We ALL have instincts but refuses to trust them, thus WE do NOT allow LOVE to come into OUR lives because WE are so fixated on the love WE have. Then reality hits and WE are NOT going to admit it to ourselves that WE should NOT have accept that which came in the name of love. Why struggle when it feels wrong? Why hold love in your heart that lasts for just a moment, but disguises itself with the mask of eternity? WE fight the fight that is NOT ours because WE know that DESTINY has other plans. I wonder what would happen if WE actually come across the LOVE that can hold OUR entire being? I imagine that having LOVE is like a childhood photograph that has US trapped in time, forever spellbound by the SOUL that recognizes OURS. Instead WE are @ the edge of OUR soul that crosses the line that separates US from LOVE. I PERSONALLY BELIEVE THAT IF ONE HAS TO FIGHT TOOTH n’ NAIL FOR love THEN IT IS NOT WORTH HAVING. HOW CAN IT BE? LOVE FILLS US WITH EXCITEMENT, EVERY VEIN IN OUR BODIES WILL BULGE WITH IT AS IF A DAM BROKE LOOSE INSIDE & WASH US CLEAN! WHEN WE ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF LOVE IT WILL NOT RADIATE FROM OUR MOUTHS, BUT POUND IN OUR HEARTS, FOR WE WILL FOLLOW OUR DESTINY…LOVE THE ONE FATED TO US.


  1. Love has eluded so many of us for centuries and centuries.I do agree that this elusiveness stems from our lack of understand and misconception of what love really is.This has led us down a path of heartache,misery and excruciating pain,to say the least.So in our quest and desperation compounded by our misconceptions,we embrace many substitutes for LOVE.
    Sadly though,often times our misguided ideas on this subject,come from our environment and from culture and as such fall victims to a vicious cycle. With all of that being sad,before we even begin to search for love and to love someone else,we must love ourselves.

  2. Love is such a compliated thing, that I sometimes wonder if it is worth the wait and the search, but then my heart tells me that it is. I just wonder sometimes how do u get pass all the insecurities and hurts off all the things and people that u thought love was only to discover when u dug beneath the surface that it was all in your head. How do u let anyone else in behind the barriers that that false love has caused u the put up around your heart and emotions, can u ever really love past the pain. I discovered that it is the counterfeits that teach us what love is not, so when it does come maybe we can identify what it is by remembring what it is not. I want LOVE, so i refuse to let love in.




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