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Tuesday, 30 October 2007


If I love me the way I love U
I know I would be a better man.
I gave more of me,
And now it is too late to see.
For I stand blindly @ the edge,
With time in abundance;
And struggle and fight this fight.
Because I don’t love me,
My struggle is fruitless and cannot be sustained
Without grave loss in spirit.
I am living in hell for heaven?
I owe me more than I could every pay.
Love has stolen my senses,
Destroyed my courage;
And left me a broken man with only my name.
Now all I have are dreams,
That try to sustain me through the madness;
All I wish for is a goal to give a finish line to my race.
Because of U the rules change with every turn,
Around every wall…
And U remind remain elusive throughout the quest,
Mistakes are made;
And regret is my luggage.
I will drag them with me to slow me down!
Reminding me that love is bitter,
Yet it is the bread that keeps me.
Over and over it fills us up,
Only to starve me!
U have shaped my destiny…
Yet leave me cold and alone in the darkness.
Wishing to feel the brush of hope against my face,
Wrapped up in LOVES warm embrace.
I gave U what I denied myself,
Thought U were the one the stars fell for…
The one I loved without loving me.
© tgk


  1. Very deep...very powerful poem. I think it is so heartfelt and moving because there's so much honesty,that's so raw and so real.So many of us can relate to giving that other person our all ,our everything.Loving them more than we love ourselves,leaving us seriously bruised and scarred for life.Should we ever give such power to another individual? The power to wreck and drain us emotionally.The power to change the very essence of who we are? Isn't that a sign of weakness and a lack of confidence in who we are? Some say it's the way life is and that person just wasn't the one.So we mend our broken hearts,nurse our emotions and get back up,continuing on our journey until we find what we are looking for. After all if we don't succeed ,you try and try again. Why shouldn't the same hold true for matters of the heart?

  2. wow, its amazing how a compilation of words can capture an emotional rollacoaster so beautifully. Pouring out all that u have into something that u think can hold what u give it only to discover that the vessel your poured into was full of holes and now all you energy, emotions, the very essence of you is nothing but a worthless puddle on the floor, trambled under the feet of the person u poured into. Life, a funny thing. I understand now that loving ourselves is truly the first step to loving someone else, because if we do that the we would realise that the river of love does not flow one way but it goes from one soul to the next, never leaving either soul exhausted.




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