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Monday, 15 October 2007


It is a well known fact that ALL of us are connected to the inherent SPIRITUALITY of HUMANITY that sustains the world. However there are those few that do everything to block their inheritance and live a life that is way below what they are. I know of such a person and she has such a DYNAMIC spirit but SHE refuses to shine. Now I know that it is common to have reservations about PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS, but it is virtually impossible to be unsure about ALL areas of your life; well she is and I want her to RISE above it ALL. She needs to RAISE above all the hang ups of her childhood; YES she is BLACK, BIG LIPS and ROUGH HAIR. YES she was made to feel LESS than because of what she represents. I thought that STRENGTH is born out of PAIN. I thought that when you are this LOW, it cannot get any worse. Guess I was wrong, DEAD wrong. Nonetheless, who the hell cares if the world likes you or not? You HATE on yourself and the world knows it, it is seen in your THINKING and the things you DO and SAY. Being in a dark is scary and she knows it, yet refuses to GET out. I know that in life, most of us want things to go the way we envisioned, but life has detours and they can either MAKE or BREAK us. We want to be HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL and HEALTHY, all of which are perfectly natural and perfectly human. So when life takes us to places we didn’t consciously want to go, we often feel as if something has gone wrong, or we must have made a mistake somewhere along the line, or any number of other disheartening possibilities. I sympathize with her and only wishes that SHE realize that this is just life’s way of taking her to a place SHE needs to go for reasons that go deeper than HER own ability to reason. I would think that HER HARD KNOCKS and TRIALS are designed to shed light on HER unconscious workings and deepen HER experience of reality. When I think about HER and how life is, I am remind that the key to the universe lies in what we do not know, and what we do know is a small fraction of the great mystery in which we live. Nonetheless, the truth is, the universe is there for HER. It is up to HER to make the connection, because I cannot do it for HER, I can only write this WAKE-UP call and HOPE it reaches her somehow. Until then I will continue to encourage her to RISE; breathe the air around YOU; that is surrounding YOU, moving through YOU. I HOPE she can step outside of herself and shift HER thoughts and change HER perception. How long can one be their UNUSUAL self? How much NEGATIVITY can one bathe? How does one feel good about NOT soaring? I HATE THAT WITH HER GOOD = BAD. I HATE THAT SHE HAS NO REAL HUMAN CONNECTION. I HATE THAT I SEE BEYOND HER & SHE DOES NOT. I WOULD LOVE FOR HER TO CHANGE HER THINKING BECAUSE HER BELIEFS WOULD TRANSFORM THEM. WHEN HER BELIEF IS CHANGED, HER EXPECTATIONS REVOLUTIONIZES. WHEN HER EXPECTATIONS CHANGES, HER ATTITUDE CAN BE ADJUSTED. WHEN HER ATTITUDE CHANGES, HER BEHAVIOR IS MODIFIED. WHEN HER BEHAVIOR IS CHANGED, HER PERFORMANCE IS EXULTED. WHEN HER PERFORMANCE IS CHANGED, HER LIFE IS WHERE IT SHOULD BE…& SHE CAN RISE!


  1. damn good point! I realise now that it is so hard to see outside the situation when u are the one stuck in the little black box of slef pity and failed emotions. When you have bought in to what people say u are, so u have to be on the defense when there is not even an attack in progress. it is hard to change though when u think the problem is everyone else, maybe the little black box that she is in needs to have mirrors on the inside, self analysis can only lead to self actualization.




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