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Friday, 26 October 2007


I am a character in the play,
That has to wear red to cover up the stains…
The diversion;
That keeps me sane.
Wounding me,
Confusing pessimism with realism;
Preventing my reality.
Fucking me,
Asking me to smile;
Because ironically I enjoy it.
And I’ll be the be dessert,
@ Dinner;
Because I am soft n’ sweet.
I know I will feel the strike,
Because my defenses will be down.
Proving that my blessings equals their opposing curse,
No big deal,
It is jus the way of me.
So as the herd is racing north,
I am exploited as the hopeless n’ helpless;
As I step in their shit.
I will be generous n’ courageous,
It cost everything n’ nothing.
I will patient n’ tolerant,
There is opportunity in change;
And all roads lead to where I stand.
My nobility will be measured by my merciful cruelty,
I am the order that maintains deception;
Destroying the lie sandwich between two truths.
Forgiving the shit left on the floor;
And ignoring the pieces of my soul that fell through the cracks.
My equality exist outside of me,
It is the inheritance of this individual;
And I will see the REIGN for what it is…
For it is my ally.
© tgk

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