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Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Society as a whole has become too COLD and UNCARING.
For me the greater good would be served,
Not in asking what is wrong with them;
But appreciating the growth that has taken place in me.
I have been given the awesome opportunity,
To share my BLESSINGS and GROWTH…
So I can touch others in a POSITIVE way.
The things I have seen and places I have been
Has prepared me for my destiny.
My SEXUALITY is the catalyst by which I am able to be.
I have taken the worst thing I can be,
And made it the best thing for everyone else.
I have walked the road less traveled,
I have dug into myself from all angles.
Hence, I have made the conscious decision,
To share ME with every MAN, WOMAN and CHILD.
With my GOD GIVEN purpose I am able to be ALL THINGS,
My HEART has been opened,
And the world has taken a home in my SOUL.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way…
I am ALL things to everyone,
Then again I am not…
I am just a HUMAN being that cares.
© tgk


  1. Love It!

    Reading this was like looking in a mirror, it felt strange. I thought you was in my room and heard my thoughts.

    So many times I try to be everything to everyone and become nothing to myself, but I have learn when you invest in people you will reap a much greater investment than when you invest in vanity and so many other things.

    Keep writing your inner thoughts, you seem to be a genuwine person with so much to offer.

  2. This reminds me of the pressure that's placed on us human beings by family, friends, employers, society, church ... to be and everyone wants you to be something else to them to serve their need. Haven't you felt someone trying to change you - right in the middle of a conversation they would ask a question and try to steer the response in their direction.

    Mad props to the man who becomes an entity rather than a utility

  3. WOW, an answer to some many of lifes questions. How do you now learn to be to yourself what you have been to everyone else? How do u stop tying to be everyone hero, and realise that you yourself are drowning? How do you then admit that I need to be rescued when you are the one that bails everyone out? How do you admit that you focus on being everything to everyone so you never have to own up to the hurt that lives inside of you? How do you now see the hurt and weakness, who do you tell it to when everyone else sees strength? How do you recover when you never knew you were sick? How can I be all things and nothing at all at the same time? You realise that you are who you are, and like you instead of hiding you give the world you as you are and free your spirit.




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