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Friday, 28 September 2007


The homosexual agenda is the accusation being made against the Rainbow Alliance by the president of the Bahamas Christian Council (BCC). The president of the Rainbow Alliance is seeking to have the GAY theme channel LOGOS added to the local cable company’s list of programming (CABLE BAHAMAS). This group of SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES seems to have the idea that LBGT COMMUNITY wants something that is UNACCEPTABLE and is an ABOMINATION unto GOD. However, I am apart of the community that would like to see this channel added to the cable program listing and I take OFFENSE to the views expressed by a group of persons that consider themselves GOD FEARING. I am sure that anyone in the world would agree with me when I say each one of us like to see themselves REPRESENTED in most things that they have as apart of their lives. Hence, being a GAY man I would like to watch a channel that is geared towards ME and is a reflection of ME. The Bahamas is DEMOCRATIC country and WE have a right to have a LIFE just like everyone else. We SAME-SEX individuals are NOT among the social ills of this land. One cannot open a newspaper or listen to the news via radio and television and NOT hear of some MURDER or any other criminal activity that has taken place. Yet the moment it is mentioned that there is an interest in the CABLE BAHAMAS should look into acquiring LOGOS a committee is formed to combat this, but NOT the REAL issues that we face daily? This HOMOPHOBIA has to be stopped and eradicated. This widespread IGNORANCE was the reason why in 2005 a young lady was decrowned after coming out of the closet; she was not living up to the standards of a CHRISTIAN so she had to go…I WONDER WHO IS? Secondly, the very popular GAY-THEMED MOVIE, Brokeback Mountain was banned because it was not a proper for the persons living here…I WONDER WHO ARE THE PROPER PERSONS? This homophobia has forced most of the gay population in the closet, and as such, there are no annual gay pride street parades or publicly noticeable signs of an organized gay communityI WONDER WHAT HAPPEN IF WE DECIDED TO TAKE OUR RIGHTFUL PLACE? The crazy thing is that most of the persons that go along with this HOMOPHOBIA do it in the name of GOD; I guess RELIGION is TRULY the OPIUM of the masses. These religious leaders take it upon themselves to FIGHT a battle that is non-existent, they seek to destroy what they feel is the ENEMY.

Now I am wondering WHO or WHAT gave these MEN the AUTHORITY to decide that they and only they can GOVERN and CENSOR the entire MORALITY of nation? In this regard, how can they say that they speak for all religion when CHRISTIANITY is NOT the SOLE religion? How do they say that the EXCLUSION of the GREEK ORTHODOX, MUSLIM, HINDI, BUDDIST and any other religion does not matter? The crazy thing is that the Bahamas is filled with persons that do NOT QUESTION or DEMAND answers to things that do not add up. I know that the DOGMA of these persons does NOT define me. I know that GOD is NOT an AGENDA, nor does GOD work like this. How can they live as if KARMA is NOT a factor? I guess if you do things in the NAME of GOD, then all is RIGHTEOUSHE WILL UNDERSTAND. All I know is that GOD made US just like he made THEM and we ALL have a RIGHT to LIFE on this planet. It sad that society does NOT recognize that life is better if WE ALL AGREE to DISAGREE. Not all things will blend, that is why the rainbow has the MANY colors it has; it is REPRESENTIVE of the difference that form a UNITED BODY. Nevertheless, if WE are NOT with THEM, then WE are AGAINST NOT only them but GOD as well. How is this the case? When did GOD say that a few of HIS CREATION are NOT up to standard and needs to fix by those that THINK they are? The CONSEQUENCES of such ACTIONS and EFFECT affects the universe in some way. The principle of CAUSE and EFFECT is the TRUTH that allows us to CHANGE ourselves and the world around us for the BETTER. However, when this UNIVERSAL LAW is ignored we CAN and SHOULD expect dire consequences. Conservative persons need to understand that the influence they wield is infinite and the oppression that they place on US because of their lack of PASSION and UNDERSTANDING is FANATICAL. There seems to be this ENERGY that blocks them from seeing how their lack of guidance determines whether their choice is contributing to HUMANITY’S ILLUSION and setting the stage for TROUBLE. One day they will realize that the CULTIVATION of HUMANITY inevitably leads to a harvest of GOODWILL for ALL. From the moment of BIRTH, WE serve as an AGENT of CHANGE, setting forces beyond OUR comprehension into motion across the surface of the earth and beyond. The thing is that this group of OPPRESSORS fully comprehends the extent of their PURPOSEFUL HEARTLESS INFLUENCE; they can rest assured that it is UNIVERSALLY felt.

No matter what they SAY or DO, no matter if, we get the channel or not; OURS IS A SPECIAL REALITY…NOTHING ORDINARY ABOUT US & THAT IS EVIDENT IN OUR UNIQUE TALENTS. Nonetheless, it HURTS being GAY and live among those that HATE US. This makes me one feel as if they rather NOT be apart of this world living a LIFE of RIDICULE and TORMENT, I can UNDERSTAND why so many HIDE in the CLOSET. However, I know that those that DIED in the name of LIBERATION would not want this for those they left behind; but they are VOICELESS @ least in this realm. Hence, I will head up even though it is VERY tempting to get upset, I have to remember my HUMANESS and get STRONG because I MUST manage the BALANCE that comes along with being GAY. I know that the GREATEST gift I could give MYSELF is to COME OUT OF THE CLOSET and ACCEPT who I am. F&CK the world and what they think, I am ONE with ME and EMBODY MY SEXUALITY. I would LOVE to get out there and fight, I feel so POWERLESS and SMALL, but I know we ALL have different callings and I am in a position to be VICTIMISED; not that I have a problem with that, I have others that are connected to me to consider as well. WE will NEVER get CHANGE because there is GREAT divide between the SISSIES and GAYS within this community. Advocacy is near my heart and truth be knows, WE ALL have a right to what ever opinion we have it’s just that we need to get back to the reason we are on this planet. Nonetheless, I know and they know that they are afraid of us and rightly, so we are VERY powerful, we live LOUDLY! However, underneath all that NOISE, one can hear the WHISPER. Have you noticed that if you want to speak to someone in a noisy, crowded room, the best thing to do is lean close and whisper? The conservatives are yelling in an attempt to be louder than the room’s noise and this only hurts the throat and adds to the chaos. Simultaneously OUR, small voice cannot compete nor will it attempt to overpower the volume of the raucous world outside. They know it is there and whether they want to hear it or not they will, it is going on around or inside them, they know that @ the end of the day they hear the soft voice underneath the noise. This voice is the TRUE voice of HUMANITY, this voice would never go away; it is here to stay as a reminder of the injustice placed on us. HENCE, MY RESOLVE IS THAT WHEN I FIND MYSELF DEALING WITH PAIN & INJUSTICE, I WILL LISTEN FOR THE VOICE OF TRUTH. THERE IS A SHIFT IN THE WORLD & WE ALL NEED TO BRACE OURSELVES FOR IT, IT WILL COME QUICK, HARD & FAST. WE ARE THE PATH INTO THIS SHIFT; WE ARE THE TRANSITION FROM THIS PHASE OF LIFE TO THE NEXT. SO I WILL ENCOURAGE THE REST OF THE WORLD TO CARRY ON, KEEP US DOWN, FIGHT US ALL THE WAY…YOU ARE ONLY MAKING US STRONGER!

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