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Friday, 17 August 2007


In spite of HIV/AIDS existing for 20 plus years there is still a depth of ignorance, discrimination and bigotry within the community towards persons that fell prey to this disease. No one ever considers the range of emotions that these persons have to deal with; confusion, guilt and denial are some of things that turn these individuals’ lives upside down. Nonetheless, there are no REAL survival strategies in place for such individuals, everyone has their own opinion and who needs information coming from those that cannot be bother anyways? The medical society’s approach is keep a positive attitude and try not to let this life altering event take control. Where that is fine advice that is no way near enough to ensure the survival of persons infected by this disease. There is so much that medicine can do and if individuals do not have a HEALTHY support system, medicine will indeed fail.
Persons infected are living a life STANDING ON SHIFTED SAND and it is just a matter of time before they are engulfed with no signs of relief. If we that are on the outside looking in decide to lend a helping hand one person @ a time we can defeat this predator. It angers me to realize that WE are WARRIORS that can fight from ALL angles because we do not have the burden of facing this foe; instead, we take on the role of WORRIERS and let this disease attack us. This only proves that the UNEDUCATED needs to be EDUCATED; how can one live not showing concern for their fellow man? The prejudice shown by society needs to STOP and we need to band together to save those that are still in the fight for their lives.
BRING ON THE FUTURE; WE ARE THE NOW! We are the WARRIORS that will do away with the years of limbo past. We WARRIORS will longer live in the twilight zone; staring at empty pages of book that has no answers. This H. I. V. /A. I. D. S. just tumble and jumble throughout the community without a care, destroying lives before they get a chance to fade. This disease gives US a chance to UNDERSTAND and APPRECIATE each other past the FEAR and IGNORANCE. It is so sad that we do not take advantage of that. ALL WE HAVE IS LOSS…OF FAMILY…FRIENDS & LOVE ONES. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO STOP ACCEPTING DEATH & PAIN DUE TO THIS DISEASE?

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