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Thursday, 02 August 2007


Discovering that a loved one is GAY, LESIBAN, BISEXUAL or TRANSGENDER can pose new questions about your life and may prompt one to re-evaluate beliefs that they previously took for granted. Therefore, most parents aren’t prepared for the words...MOM, I AM GAY. Many first reaction is HOW WILL I EVER HANDLE THIS? But not the LUCKIEST BOY IN THE WORLD, his mother realized that her SON’S SEXUALITY had little or nothing to do with her as his mother. Hence his COMING OUT was PEACFUL, UNDERSTOOD and ACCEPTED. His mother decided that she will LOVE HER GAY SON no matter what because he is her child and that’s apart of her. She never had to take his sexuality in strides. Because she dealt with the grieving process in her personal quiet time never allowing him to see that she feared for his life given society’s attitudes towards what he identify himself as. She adopted that attitude that that she didn’t loose her son; for he is the same person he was from the day she gave him life and SEXUALITY didn’t deter her LOVE for him. The feeling of loss so many others feel was replaced by her taking on a new and clearer understanding of her son. The fact that he CAME OUT voluntarily meant that she was more than halfway there and she showed that to him the moment he told her about HIS SEXUAL IDENTITY. The decision to be open and honest with her about himself proved that he had FAITH in his mother. Even though I feel that she had dreams for him, she instantly knew that it was something that was born out of her own history and it is what she wanted for herself growing up. Furthermore, she knew that she couldn’t and wouldn’t put any GUILT that would make her son feel as if he was a WASTE OF SPACE, SPERM and EGG. She knows that her son hasn’t changed and he is the same person that he was before learning about his sexuality. Now that she knows the truth about his sexuality, SHE CAN LOVE HER SON ENTIRELY. It does my HEART glad to see that she TRUSTS and BELIEVES in her son. This type of action fosters a POSITIVE UNDERSTANDING in knowing that he didn’t wake one day and decided that he was going to be GAY. She understands that he thoughtfully and willingly accepted this side of himself and it was time that she knew who and what he is about. No matter what other family members or neighbors say, she will continue to LOVE and HONOR her him. I am sure he held back from telling her for as long as he possibly could because he needed to figure out what he himself was feeling. He like MANY OF US recognized at an early age that WE felt DIFFERENT. Thus it took him this long to tell her about the name he gave to his feelings. I AM SO HAPPY THAT HE DIDN’T HAVE TO INTERNALISE SELF-HATE and INSECURITY ABOUT HIS SEXUAL IDENTITY. TOO MANY OF US FACE SO MANY OBTACLES IN LIFE and OUR SEXUALITY IS ON TOP OF THE LIST. NONETHELESS, IT GIVES ME HOPE TO KNOW THAT NOT EVERYONE OF US HAS TO DEAL WITH US LOSING THE FOUNDATION OF LIFE THAT BROUGHT US THUS FAR.

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