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Wednesday, 25 July 2007


SEXUAL ORIENTATION IS THE TERM and PREFERENCE IS A CHOICE. I AM A GAY MAN BY ORIENTATION. HENCE, FROM A HOMOSEXUAL PERSPECTIVE I HAVE PONDERED THIS QUESTION: ¿IS THERE A "HETERO" MAN OUT THERE THAT CAN BE IN MY PRESENCE and NOT WORRY ABOUT OWNING MY PREFERENCE? I am a GAY MAN and I do not subscribe to anyone’s THOUGHTS, FEELINGS or IDEAS of who I am and what I am about. Nonetheless, I find it rather sad that society does not allow MEN to co-exist on all levels of humanity. I cannot help but wonder ¿ WHY IS MY SEXUAL PREFERENCE SO IMPORTANT THAT IT MAKES MEN NOT BE MEN AROUND ME? It would be nice if we were ONE SPIRIT, ONE HUMAN…ONE MAN! Nevertheless, society has MEN so caught up trying to whom they think they should be that it leaves OUR WORLD BROKEN and DISCONNECTED. Everyone wants to be A REAL MAN and associating with the likes of me makes them feel otherwise. I wonder if they stop, to realize that if I make them feel that way then it is who they truly are and it has nothing to do with me. I am merely a MIRROR a CATALYST for the thing that they cannot bring themselves to face. I AM AWARE THAT…A REAL MAN is not caught up in labels, he just knows that MY SEX cannot and will not affect him. A REAL MAN would not be sitting up on a HOMOPHOBIC PEDESTAL thinking that if he shun me he is safe from what I represent. A REAL MAN has a spiritual relationship with a higher being, thus he knows that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. A REAL MAN is honest, trustworthy, sensitive and caring and never trying make himself feel like a MAN by trying to me feel as if I am not one. A REAL MAN knows that if I do not flaunt MY SEXUALITY; that I am not ashamed of it. A REAL MAN takes care of his body and his mind; enabling him to use REASON and SOUND judgment when he is in my presence. A REAL MAN is secure and does not worry if others around him see him showing HIS HUMANITY towards me. A REAL MAN is respectful and pays attention to his my feelings. A REAL MAN IS A MAN WHO IS A MAN AND KNOWS THAT I AM A MAN. ¿ARE THERE ANY REAL MEN OUT THERE?

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