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Friday, 20 July 2007


The word B!TCH has long been in use to refer to an individual in contempt; this is seen as the most offensive title that one can place on another, even more provoking than that of a WHORE. This title is used in a negative way, referring to persons we encounter in everyday life that wear a permanent attitude and seek to destroy any and everything in their way. Nonetheless, do I seem like one of those persons that would destroy and make another life’s miserable? How can and do I have so much power to do such things? Moreover, what do you base this theory on? Is it because I call you out on the things that you do wrong against others and myself? On the other hand, is it the way I refuse to allow you treat me like a doormat? No matter, all I know is that I am not tolerant of many things, things that are unnecessary AND senseless.

SO CHOOSE YOUR LABEL CAREFULLY… I am the MAN that will not bang his head against the wall obsessing over your opinion. I totally understand that if someone does not approve of me, it is just one person’s opinion; therefore, it is of no real importance. I will never try to live up to anyone else’s idea of me. Don't HATE on me because I know I cherish who I am and believe that I am worth being treated the way I would like to be treated. I refuse to allow such a label to give truth to the lies you tell yourself. I will not become who you want me to be with your consent.

SO PLEASE SING MY PRAISES, I am not a B!TCH and I  will NEVER be…No matter how happy you are to announce and give me that title, I will NEVER need your shot in the arm, my faith in myself is STRONG and your crown and thrown will not ever satisfy me.

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