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Thursday, 12 July 2007


The phrase SEXUAL RESPONSIBILITY means a variety of things to different people. For some, it means abstinence; for others it means having a monogamous partner and consistent condom usage. But, there are a lot of persons out there that ignore both and continue to have UNPROTECTED SEX with clueless persons that are either to EMBARRASSED or HORNY to ask about their status. WE NEED TO BREAK THIS AWFUL KARMA AND BEGIN TO EXERCISE MORE CARE AND ATTENTION TO OUR SEXUAL ACTIVITY; LIFE IS FLEETING FOR US GAY PEOPLE AND WE ARE GOING TO LOOSE OURSELVES TO THIS DISEASE. There are GAY MEN dying around us far too frequently and this is proof that from the moment HIV~AIDS hit us we have taken this disease on for humanity and into our consciousness through guilt. This is exactly what the HATERS and RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS have cast on US as PUNISHMENT for OUR GAYNESS to deflect the real enemy and breeding destruction in OUR COMMUNITY. The fact remains that HIV is still a leading cause of death for in OUR COMMUNITY and the sooner we acknowledge that the better. GAY MEN are engaging in unsafe anal sex at an alarming rate. BLKGAYCHAT, ADAM4ADAM and ADAM4SEX are flooded with men requesting the next HOOK UP and not the disclosure of HIV STATUS that is more important than the fleeting sexual moment that will be over with in a few minutes. HOW CAN WE CONTINUE LIVING THIS LIFE AND CARRY THIS ATTITUDE THAT I DON’T NEED TO KNOW AND HE WON’T TELL ME? These GAY MEN participate in ORGIES and other UNSAFE activity; anyone should know or realize that when the SEXUAL ENERGY is that high, the inhibitions and common sense have long left. BUT WHY TAKE THE RISK? There is no cure for HIV or AIDS and the meds only prolong the development of the virus into full blown AIDS. Hence we get to see how UNEDUCATED the COMMUNITY is when it comes to this crisis. When are going to understand that with SEX comes the responsibility to protect yourself and others? When are WE going to discuss another’s SEXUAL HISTORY and HIV status before sex? When are WE going to understand that SAFE SEX SHOULD still be practiced even after a discussion? I wish that we could stop adopting this fearless mentality and not F&CK in the moment. WE need not accept the risk of simply not asking someone what their status is. I know that SEX without a CONDOM will increase pleasure or seem more spontaneous, but the risks far outweigh any moment of ecstasy. A moment of pleasure can lead to a lifetime of illness and given the rate of that situation why take that chance? WE need to find OUR LOVE for SELF and not follow the direction of some MAN that is more confident sex when it comes to sex because he looks ok doesn’t mean that he is. Don’t fall for the lines and bullshit, let him know IF HIS D!CK CAN’T GET UP THEN HE CAN’T PENETRATE YOU! Don’t let him JUST PUT THE HEAD IN this is just for pleasure and not protection. Don't let a SEX BULLY dictate your future health. We in this COMMUNITY need to start SERO-SORTING; this is the practice of choosing sexual partners based on their HIV status. In other words, SORT POTENTIAL PARTNERS according to whether they are HIV positive or HIV negative. Even though this cannot eliminate the spread of HIV~AIDS this can curb the advancement of the amount of persons being infected. WE NEED TO START OUTTING PERSONS THAT ARE SICK IN ORDER TO GET A HANDLE ON THIS DISEASE, WE NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT WE ARE SAFE GUARDING AND PROTECTING ALL IN THIS COMMUNITY; HIV NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE PERSONS ALIKE.

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