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Wednesday, 04 April 2007


...Because, the person who broke my heart
Or should I say strengthened my heart
Because he was a diluted version of a MAN.
It's so funny when I think about it
Because every indication that he didn't love me was right in my face.
I don't think that the fact of him not reciprocating love was the problem,
It’s the fact that he made me think I was crazy for thinking that he didn't.
Material things can't substitute genuine affection
And I needed that (genuine affection) in my life.
It's as though we went through the motions
Because we were so comfortable with each other;
Then things got taken for granted.
Long nights sitting up waiting to hear a key in the door of my heart
Acting like everything’s okay in the morning
While scrambling eggs and holding back my tears and biting my lip.
I think that I have lost my faith in monogamy...
It doesn't matter how good something is;
There I am, just waiting for the bottom to fall out.
I want to believe that things will be different
But there isn't a clear indication that hope is alive.
Don't think that I don't want love...
Sometimes it gets lost in translation
And I want something more manageable.
Something that I tend to do is become a lover before friends.
I want something real.
I want someone to want me just as much as I want them.
When you're gone I want to miss your touch,
Your scent,
The sound of your voice.
I don't think that's asking too much.
© tgk

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you're headed in the right direction (finally). Now that you know what you don't want, start exploring what you really want.

    I have written before that you haven't been in LOVE. Just wait till you get the real deal, your head will explode from the fact that you didn't have to search for it in the first place. "Be Still Child".

    [don't worry about who I am, it doesen't even matter]




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