¡We can no longer be a bunch of empty minds living in critical times refusing to recognize real lies!

Thursday, 12 April 2007


WE ARE THE STUDENTS, THE DISCIPLES AND THEY ARE THE WISE MASTERS…THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT AND KNOWS WHAT IS BEST! WE have to accept what WE are being taught. What WE are being taught to believe is what is told and believe without question. I CALL THIS ‘THE “HIDDEN” TRUTH’ When the truth is hidden from view what seems normal is accepted in its place. When we can’t see it for ourselves; people in authority and others that we trust fill in the blanks for us. We get used to it, and it becomes "RIGHT" for us. And then we believe we did see it when we really didn’t. ORGANIZATIONS SUCH AS THE CHURCH AND GOVERNMENT are chiefly responsible for automatically organizing and triggering this process. They manufacture world-views and build entire cultures thru these manipulative perspectives. In the end we are handed a delusional realm to focus on while we go through our daily lives meeting the demands set by these oppressors. Oppressors that steals 95% of our LIVES, feeds our SOUL garbage that makes us sick; feeds our mind lies to keep the perception cloak in place, makes us too busy to ponder and question. They want us to continue to fall for the mind control while having no regard for killing us. As long as we are kept busy and we cooperate fully we may be allowed to live a bit longer, but for the most part we are most useful if we are gullible. Funny how that works: LIFE…YOU LIVE THEN YOU DIE! And somewhere in between you hope you had a good time, you hope that you’d @ least enjoyed the ride…Pity how that didn’t happen, you never came close…NOT EVEN…Then the beauty of it all is that while waiting to die we are slaughtered by life that is cloaked as something else, like cancer, heart failure or old age. Makes me wonder if on our death beds we lay there pondering how sad it is that our minds are accustomed to thinking in terms of forced control hierarchies in all that we do. How sad that only during that time we understand how silly it was to believe that in order to make something useful that we believe in had to be controlled through force. I call this a ‘POISON THOUGHT’ this element is in our legal system, our homes and virtually everywhere that human thought created something we interact with. It would be nice to get some ‘FREETHINKING’ individuals who actually have world’s best interest @ heart. These individuals go against ‘THE “HIDDEN” TRUTH’ and appeal to the human need to be treated in a human fashion. Since humanity has evolved around the Tree of Knowledge and our success as a species is tied to our ability to plug into society, our need to be an upstanding member is hard wired into our brains. ‘THE “HIDDEN” TRUTH’ forces us to live more like bees and a bee is nothing without the hive. It dies when separated from the hive. Please tell me who wants that? We want to accomplish great things and rise in social position; that pretends to give us respect, power and authority. ‘THE “HIDDEN” TRUTH’ is very powerful because when it gets you there are no visible signs of its existence. It starts you off by charming you, telling you that you are a very special person. You are one of the good persons who are in a desperate battle with the forces of evil that are taking over the universe. It takes over your mind; body and soul by making you feel as if your decision and your decision alone will tip the point for the triumph of Good over Evil. So what is your ‘TRUTH’ and how can make sure you are living it and not someone else’s?

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