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Tuesday, 23 January 2007


…IS ABOUT TO BOIL OVER! The devil's brew that they have seasoned with our dreams, with our lives, is about to spill out into the fires of justice -- the fire that rages in the bosom of each one of us here. We have taken the worst that they could give, and we have endured. The poison fed to us only purifies our body, cleansing us through a healing fever. Their lies tried to blind us with, only made us see clearer; now we see with the third eye, we understand the method and the madness…WE HAVE TRIUMPHED ALREADY! Even though we are oppressed we understand that OPPRESSION is the systematic, societally-condoned mistreatment of who we are simply because we live a life that’s same-sex-prone. We are mistreatment and have to live with a whole heap of propagation and misinformation about OUR lifestyle. This kind of hurts us in more ways than one, we have men that are forced to become sub-human and co-exist in world that doesn’t allow them to embrace their sexuality. Like I’ve said before, ‘THE MELTING POT IS ABOUT TO BOIL OVER!’ I have found that, for many bisexual men, the concepts of gay and straight are fluid; they tend to identify themselves simply as men who like sex with other men. This happens because we live in a society that often discriminates against people who are different. We all have been taught to believe that to be "straight" is to be normal. Hence they try to oppress us, keep up caged but that can’t hold us for long. How can anyone deny who they are? To do something like poses a bigger problem to society in ways they won’t be able to comprehend…‘THE MELTING POT IS ABOUT TO BOIL OVER!’ How do you live with yourself showing such hate? When you do this you force unnecessary lies and you further perpetuate the notion that GAY is BAD and STRAIGHT is GOOD…‘THE MELTING POT IS ABOUT TO BOIL OVER!’ I just wish that women would open their eyes and see what is really going on, they are the ones that reinforces homophobia and forces men to always treat each other as if being a MAN means you have to be tough and hard, never showing any affection or caring about another man’s existence…‘THE MELTING POT IS ABOUT TO BOIL OVER!’ So to the world I say, ‘LISTEN & LISTEN GOOD, WE ARE THE NEXT STAGE IN EVOLUTION AND YOU CAN’T HOLD US BACK FOREVER…YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO SIDE TRACK US OR CAGE US. PLEASE REMEMBER IF YOU CAN’T IMPRISON A MAN’S SPIRIT, YOU CAN’T IMPRISON THE MAN.’ ‘THE MELTING POT IS ABOUT TO BOIL OVER!’ 

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