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Friday, 17 November 2006


CHANGE is constant and labels that we subscribe to are OBSOLETE in the GAME of SEX in the GAY community. I find it very interesting how we label ourselves and place ourselves in boxes created by the world. I know for a fact that most men that say they are TOP say that because they associate it masculinity and dominance and MEN are suppose to be hard and tough. But the funny thing to me is I wonder if they realize what they are doing? If you think a MAN that is a BOTTOM is less than or inferior to a man that is TOP aren’t you just emulating what society thinks about us? You know that age old question, ‘WHO IS THE MAN & WHO IS THE WOMAN?’ I find it so funny how WE are all GAY because we LOVE MEN but rather think that WE are GAY because WE happen to indulge in anal sex. If that’s the case WOMEN have asses just as men do, so why not F&CK them up the ASS? Why just give that option to a man? An ASS is an ASS so what’s the difference? So I ask, DO U TAKE, GIVE oR BOTH? I TAKE A D!CK JUST AS GOOD AS I GIVE ONE…I F&CK according to how I feel; if I meet a man and our chemistry is there…A decision has to be made on if we are going through with sex or we just going to call it day and leave it alone. I’ve met MEN that say ‘I AM A TOP’ and during foreplay though hesitant @ first their legs open wide and ASS BE TROBBING LIKE A B!TCH, begging for some pounding! Guess @ that time ecstasy takes over and it’s on. F&CK the TOP/BOTTOM/VERS shit, the need to be pleased is @ hand so then WHAT? What makes a MAN a TOP? Is it his D!CK size? Is it his height? Is it his age? Is it the way he seems to the outside world? Is it the money he has? The perks on his job? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME? Personally I hate classifications; it doesn’t make any sense and just causes more problems. Classifications cause men to say SH!T like I don’t do the BOTTOM thing it doesn’t feel good. SEX like everything in life needs care and attention and if it’s just a quick F&CK how can you expect the chemistry to be off the chain? Hence mentally you tell yourself that there are certain places you shouldn’t and wouldn’t go. Another thing that gets me when a MAN say, ‘WHEN I FIND SOMEONE THAT I LOVE I WILL GIVE HIM ALL OF ME’ Funny how the man HE is F&CKING now is just that and nothing more than a F&CK! So sorry if this is a relationship because that means you are just an ASS that’s there to pass the time till the perfect D!CK n’ ASS arrives.
Tell you what before you decide to size a man up base on his appearance or whatever it is you base your sexual activity on let me say this to you…SEX especially ANAL SEX requires a lot of foreplay and I say if a MAN can’t get down and EAT SOME ASS THEN HE SHOULDN’T BE GETTING IT! Cause there are ‘TOPS’ out there that say I don’t do that, I am thinking should I automatically get MOIST and turn my ASS on for your D!CK because it’s attach to you? WHEN YOU THINK THAT HIGHLY ABOUT YOUR SH!T I SAY YOU NEED TO F&CK YOURSELF! Let’s be realistic, I say if one thinks about it the ONLY WAY FOR A MAN TO GET AN OUT OF THIS WORLD ORGASM IS VIA THE PROSTATE. Question how does one get there? What is the sexual organ of choice to get there? So with that said ANAL ORGASMS is the main purpose for sex in our community so I think that we need to make sure that when we deny what we do SEXUALLY that we learn to differentiate FACT from FICTION, meaning we need to remember that when we meet a man and he isn’t flowing like that, make sure you remember that it’s just HIM and not EVERYONE that comes your way. So many men have closed minds when it comes to sex and how they get down and of course most lie about how they get down. I am of the opinion that ALL men get F&CKED! Might not be daily, monthly but I am sure as the sun will rise that it’s as often as ONCE EVERY QUARTER, ANNUALLY OR SEMIANNUALLY. I mean fuck it if you’re feeling a guy, and they got all there shit right with them, then do that SH!T. I know life is about choices and preferences but come guys don’t pretend to be something you are not. I know I am GAY because I want to enjoy every part of MAN otherwise it would be a waste of time. I am not saying let some guy that you aren’t feeling get theirs, but don’t brush it off that easily either. This society we live in pigeon holds us and we already have this taboo when it comes to sex. Sex is one way for us to enjoy life and if we can’t even enjoy that, what else is there?

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