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Monday, 07 August 2006


Gossip seeps through every crack and crevices in this small town of Nassau and in the GAY COMMUNITY IT IS THE WORST! I call it the ‘BARBIE GOSSIP’, this gossip is entertainment for most sissies, but for me it sucks! And so it is same old story…Boy meet boy, boy dates boy and the chatter can’t seem to stop! First there are the, this is who you dating questions followed by no you can’t because he is this n’ that. Damn makes a sissy feel like a celebrity! How unhappy can people be that they have to try and destroy something before it begins? How can they not realize that their behavior is destructive and poison? How can they not realize that I don’t give a FUCK? The barbies hear a tidbit of information about somebody they may know or not, and they take that info and build a story around it in their heads. Then they tell their friends this info, and their friends add even more false info to the story and spread that around, until the whole community is buzzing about who I am dating. One would think that these folks would realize that once gossip starts there's no stopping it. Gossip and rumors will grow and grow until everybody is talking about everybody else and no one is safe. Idle gossip has a way of taking on a life all of its own, so by the time the message reaches the tenth person in the chain of people who are informed, the piece of news can be exaggerated, elaborated upon, and lose its meaning in transition, but worst of all, this could eventually find its way back to the person who has now become a victim of gossip. And when that occurs me, the victim wonder, how did this even come about? My solution to this is to just let it go and realize that the gossip will soon dissolve. I have made a decision that I will live my life comes what may, I will not be afraid to step into the unknown and face what is there for me. Too many times I have allowed myself to be deterred from someone because of what others say, I am not a kid anymore; I am a MAN. As a man I will make bold moves, step outside the norms of society and do my thing. I sit and wonder as GOSSIP is being passed onto me and thinks why can’t you find out what is going on first before you decide to bad mouth someone? Why can’t you seek to understand then be understood? Why is this any of your business? I will tell you why, I feel that when persons see others forging ahead despite themselves and life it scares them. I feel that chaos is oxygen they breathe and bullshit is what they spit out in return. I never expected to be liked by ‘the peanut gallery’ but for GOD’s sake leave things be. I appreciate what you might have to say, but why say it especially if you don’t know me or even care to? How can you be objective when I know you have a hidden agenda? How stupid do you think I am? Gossip can hurt us all, but there is nothing wrong with confiding in the pages of one's diary or journal. And although it might not yield the excitement you would expect from divulging a piece of news to a friend, it will remain right where you have placed it, unless someone decides to invade your privacy by reading it, but that's another column for another day.

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