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Monday, 21 August 2006


Imagine three ‘ potential GAY little boys,’ kindergartners who are largely alike in intelligence, talent and character, whose potential seems limitless. According to ‘our society’ at large all of these boys are doomed to fate worst than death, and if it isn’t bad enough they make sure they will live a life of HELL on earth. Funny how they want us to punish and feel like shadows walking on this earth, we are placed here by GOD and he has a purpose that is bigger than all of us. I KNOW THAT MANKIND IS @ IT’S BEST WHEN WE ARE ALL FREE!
Being a GAY man in the Bahamas can mean inhabiting a border area between possibility and peril, to feel connected to, defined by, even responsible for up and coming boys and other men as well. Being a GAY man I know that we have the same shared existence, of sometimes wondering whether our accomplishments will be treated as anomalies, our individuality obscured by the narrow images that linger in the minds of others within our society.
The other day, I had the opportunity to have a few of my friends over and celebrated each other’s company. There was a lot of ‘INTELLECTUAL INTERCOURSE’ and of course some crazy stuff being said in good fun. It was at that time that I realized that every single MAN that was there was in fact GAY, but were all successful in some way. It was about 10 of us there and 8 out 10 are attending college, the other 2 are climbing the career ladder on their present jobs. I mean think about it, we have future doctors, lawyers & teachers sitting right there, just waiting to impart knowledge and cultivate the soul of our nation.
I find it funny how our society is so segregated when it’s for the benefit for others around them, but in stillness of their hearts when they are alone they are such a different being. I love the fact that I have nieces much like my GAY brothers that knows us as being humans not some FUCKED up shell of man. In my mind this means that where the nation was once largely segregated along the same-sex prone crew, our society will now become more INTEGRATED, CREATING OPPORTUNITIES & NEW SENSIBILITIES.
I for a moment in time I allowed society to make a person that was homophobic, stupidly I allowed myself to closed off to the people that share the same energies, that have the same fight…that wants a life all their own. I am now PRO-GAY, I know that we're all part of the human race. I grew a little bit. I look at life as a puzzle; day by day, you get a new piece.
There is a lot of FEAR & FASCINATION from society because WE CARRY THAT SPECIAL BURDEN. It's the cohesion that comes from knowing whatever your situation in life is you're carrying a special burden, but also that WE are strong enough to do it. Whatever they put on us, we can handle it, knock us down and we will get up. ALL THEY SEE IS A GAY MAN and I find that so crazy, we are birth control, we are the ones that would gladly take in that child that has no one that cares for them. I know if I wasn’t who I am and was married to a female I wouldn’t be able to be such a help to my family financially.
Fearlessness is key ingredient locked in our melanin, our genes, our DNA, is what I say. Outta the drum we come! Revolution is matter-in-motion, its ancestral energy and a fierce pride possessed by those who know. Every time the enemy thinks they have bleached our minds by promoting ignorance and untruths we will sound the alarm and the war will continue.
It is us THE SISSY ONES, THE BATTY BOYS, THE SHIT PACKERS that beams lasers into the consciousness of those who are avoiding the truth, the reality, the pain. We deliver the word, no matter how tight of a hold the ignorant has on society, we break through and defend ourselves with the best we have.
We are not going quietly into the night, ya gotta bring ass to kick ass. The pavements, jungles and deserts are red with our blood, our religious temples are burning and our backs are jammed up against the wall, OUT OF THIS CHAOS WILL COME ORDER! There is no time to play games with religious leaders, civil rights and professional crisis hustlers swimming in the blood of the slaughter. We must take back that which was taken; it caused the destruction of THE GAY MAN.

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