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Thursday, 02 August 2012


My boyfriend and I have been together for a year, and we really love one another. There's nothing better than when we cuddle and make love, and my favorite thing is when he puts his head on me and just lies there. But we have one problem that has made things frustrating: We're both bottoms.
Normally his favorite position is to sit on a guy's penis while the other guy lies on his back. I thought this would be great for us because that's the only position where I've had any success as a top, but the couple times we've done it, it hasn't been very exciting. He has topped me and I thought it went well, but he thought it was only "okay."
Even though my boyfriend doesn't say it's a problem, I know he's disappointed. I'm very oral and I could be satisfied with a good oral sex life, but we both want more. The big question, is can two bottoms have a good anal sex life?


  1. The age old question... Have you tried toys?


  2. Try some toys... Or a friend. XP

  3. I agree with all of 'em. Toys. Toys are fun. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Not sure if they want a third @ this point.

  5. I agree with the rest...Toys...or a possible threesome who should obviously be a Top. I hope you both can see this through, but also understand sex ISN'T everybody, tru...but sex IS APART of the everything. So if the sex isn't good in any relationship then it is damaging, so I hope you both are trying your best. BUT TOYS can only do so much...the REAL thing is better and how LONG can you go on bringing a 3rd party in your sex life until you might as well consider it a 3 person relationship. Fact of the matter is...one of you two or Both are gonna have to REALLY get into being Vers.

    1. And if they just take time with each other, they might find that they just might be able to top each other.




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