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Friday, 22 June 2012


Is it NOT strange that almost as soon as WE learn how to be GAY, or perhaps even before, WE also learn how NOT to be GAY? What makes US look MIS-SHAPED and DIS-FORMED is OUR PATHETIC, PITIABLE and DREARY state of being. WE have systematically EXCLUDE ourselves from OUR IDENTIFICATION. Hence, if we approach MALE HOMOSEXUALITY from the perspective of IDENTIFICATION instead of MIS~IDENTIFICATION, WE would NOT be asking WHO or WHAT WE are; rather WE would show the world WHO and WHAT we are. And this is such a pity, because if one pays attention to others that are SAME~SEX~PRONE, one who see that MOST if not ALL seem to NOT have any real identification about whom they are.

I find it rather SAD to find a GAY that says to himself, WELL I MAY BE GAY, BUT @ LEAST I AM NOT LIKE THAT! A statement such as this shows how GAY MEN are constantly being striped by SOCIETY and this is a GAY man’s attempt to promote one version of GAY identity @ the expense of others. Being GAY is NOT about sex OR masculinity, though they are classic identifiers there are PRIMARY features that cultivate who a GAY man is. Therefore if one were to investigate the STAKES in GAY IDENTIFICATIONS and MIS~IDENTIFICATIONS, one will ULTIMATELY create the basis for a wider acceptance for how GAY exists among each other.

Hence the methods of communication AND having a clear understanding of WHO and WHAT we are about is important. This is the only way we can REINFORCE the notion that the GAY man is NOT a contradiction to the idea of man. Masculinity is often over stylized and it is CRAZY how men are expected to show case such behavior. This is the type of behavior makes a GAY man susceptible to stigma. Thus, strengthen the  MIS~IDENTIFICATIONS of the GAY man. GAY men are often expected to have personal characteristics as effeminacy and flamboyance that induces the POWER struggle with SELF IDENTIFICATION. The community’s idea of what a man is and how he comports himself is repeatedly evident in the MAKING of GAY men. More importantly, the function of this idea promotes behavior that goes against the free will of MAN. If only the GAY MALE could be the entity that provides a way where is can be the difference between the cliché AND sexuality…

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