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Sunday, 04 March 2012


It comes quietly like a Spring Breeze, enlightening the heart and mind as if all past and future is in the moment of a strange but welcoming energy filling the soul. Energy meeting energy, both receiving and giving in unison. All the world turns to a kind of silence with just the rising of natures sounds. In these moments are silent undercurrents of dissonance that are momentarily muted by the beauty of the moments.

It is inevitable that when people have any hatred disturbance for themselves that sooner or later there will be reverberations below the surface that will erupt at even the least disturbance. Religion for man is generally like the earth, being prone to changes of inner climate that if not dealt with prior, will cause sometimes irreparable damage. The earth has fissure of potential quakes as does the human psyche, and without warning. Some who haven’t examined and ‘cleared’ the outer self, will find themselves in emotional floodings, quakes, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, heat or cold waves, and any occurrence that nature experiences.

In the bible, the alleged Jesus talks about loving your enemies without really alluding to either the enemy that is within, or the wife, or the one you love who frequently creates the most lasting disturbance lasting a life time of never possibly recovering. Religions talk about loving others like flowers, but it is not possible without the inner love of the self. Those others are like plastic flowers with no roots or soul that is recognized. Real flowers, or real people, need to start at the ‘roots of disturbances’ which are ever changing, and unlike ‘plastic flowers’ static existence, are ever changing needing our adapting.

New love permeates the mind and whole body into a state of trance like conditions that often cover what disturbances lie beneath. Innocence takes over in a spring like aura where all is like a heaven, which is the true inner self of people, and not the false selves filled with every attached negative, and it’s unforgiven damage that lurks underneath. Soon, in days or weeks, the cracks that have showed throughout prior everyday life, will themselves erupt into a volcanic like tsunami to drown all of what came before. Life is more fair than not when the ‘histories’ of either the environment, or an individual are taken into account, and with greater awareness and discernment, are deeply considered before settling in. Love, when it’s real, doesn’t have tsunamis within itself. Love is resilient, forgiving, and moves always in the direction of the light with more compassion and love. 


  1. Thought provoking! I know all about those emotional volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis and twisters!

  2. Volcanoes, tornadoes n' twisters? DAMN!

  3. Huzzah for new love and the ability to only see what pleases, for the rememberance of that new love will sustaineth us whilst we walketh through the valley of the shadow of disappointment and fedupness.

    For short, if I couldnt conjur up the memories of how and why I fell in love and remain in love with the oft- times jerk I live with, I would have been gone long ago,

    And yea verily, without hesitation, visa-versa cuz I aint no box o crackerjack neither.

    1. You are one of the few that I look forward to hearing from.

    2. Many thanks, GK.

      Hours after my initial response, I realize that:

      Sustaining a relationship, be it with The Almighty or with the person you love, is a collection of spring breezes and intermittant tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanoes and twisters.

      On many occasions, you have no choice but to accept these relationships on blind faith alone.

    3. You are welcome. You are someone I'd LOVE to sit and chat with one day.




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