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Friday, 16 March 2012


Spartacus must deal with a volatile band of ex-slaves amongst his midst, while Glaber continues to consolidate his power, in the latest episode of “Spartacus: Vengeance,” “Sacramentum.”

We begin on a slave ship being liberated in typical blood-drawing fashion by Spartacus and Agron.  The slave warriors are a savage breed familiar to Agron.  Even freshly freed, the band of ex-slaves are wild and borderline uncontrollable.

Cut to Gannicus, who finds his way back to the streets of Capua.  He hits up the magistrate for some coin, seeing as he didn’t get paid for his work in the arena.  The magistrate points out that he didn’t exactly perform the duties (slaying Crixus and Oenomaus) he was hired to do.  This exchange is interrupted by Glaber, who addresses the people, letting them know that anyone who dares mention Spartacus’ name will suffer the fate he orders upon Ilithyia’s comely slave.  She is crucified, much to the horror of Ilithyia.  She correctly surmises that her slave’s death is also a “lashing out” of her husband against her.

Later, Glaber rather brazenly invites Seppia to stay in his house, giving her a look that even a blind person can perceive as wanton.

Ilithyia knows she’s being replaced, as soon as her child is born.

Lucretia, herself in an increasingly suffocating “arrangement” with devious Ashur, knows she must help her ally.

Meanwhile, Crixus is teaching Naevia how to fight with swords.  They are joyous upon the return to health of Oenomaus.  That joy is short-lived as Agron and Spartacus return with their new comrades, who are crude in every respect.  Spartacus talks to Agron later, expressing his concern over the volatility of the new men, especially hulking Sedulius.  Agron is sensitive to the criticism, yet vouches for them.

Gannicus is back in the brothel, taking up conversation with the comely wench he visited a few episodes ago.  She is heard speaking of Spartacus by Ashur, who arrives to taunt Gannicus over not having possession of the wooden sword, a symbol of his freedom.  No sword, Ashur says, no freedom.  He is taken away to see Glaber, flanked by Lucretia.  Glaber wants to deal with Gannicus: the return of his sword (and the freedom that comes with it) in exchange for his leading the forces charged with bringing Spartacus to “justice”.  He gives Gannicus a few days to think on it.

Later, Lucretia and Ilithyia meet up, putting in plan in motion.

Soon, Glaber is alarmed to see his wife bloodied around her stomach, unaware that it is Lucretia’s blood.  Lucretia says that this is a sign that the baby will be cursed unless moved away from Capua.  Glaber orders Ilithyia out of the city.  Lucretia offers to accompany her, but Ashur “convinces” the Praetor that she needs to stay to continue inspiring the people.

Lucretia seeks out Gannicus, playing another desperate gambit:

attempting to hire him to kill Glaber.  Gannicus is in a state, especially after seeing the wench among the newly crucified.

Back to Spartacus and his people.  The newly arrived warriors are celebrating wildly and lustily.  Sedulius spies Naevia alone, tries to force himself on her.  She stabs him with a knife, which only angers him more.  Agron sees this and tries to stop his old comrade, which starts bloody infighting.  Spartacus comes into the area and instantly tussles with Sedulius, eventually slicing his face off! He orders an end to the fighting, and one of the savage newcomers pledges his loyalty to Spartacus, thus ending the skirmish.

Glaber sees Ilithyia off.  It appears that she might tell her husband of Lucretia’s plans, but she keeps the secret, saying only “you will be missed”.  She’s not even gone that long before Glaber trysts with supple Seppia.  But this idyll is interrupted by a royal guard, telling him that Ilithyia has gone missing.  The guards have all been butchered, the work of Gannicus, who uses this as a signal that he stands against Glaber, after all.
Thus ends the episode.  The bloody march to the endgame rages on.

More next week, but for now, what did you think of “Sacramentum”?


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