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Saturday, 17 March 2012


Domestic Total as of Mar. 15, 2012:$39,657,453
Distributor: Buena Vista
Release Date: March 9, 2012
Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure
Runtime: 2 hrs. 12 min.
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Production Budget: $250 million
About The Movie:

John Carter is a $250 million adventure film from Walt Disney Studios. It is based off of the "Barsoom" series created by author Edgar Rice Burroughs in the early 20th Century. The film, directed by Andrew Stanton, one of the wizards of Pixar (he directed WALL•E and Finding Nemo) and it follows actor Taylor Kitsch in the titular role as John Carter, an American Civil War Captain who, after being chased through a desert by native Americans, is transported to the planet Mars (or in this case "Barsoom"). On the planet, John Carter is drawn into a waging war between three different alien races. 

What Is Good About The Movie:

All in all, John Carter was a fun film with a few major problems. The problems do bring the film down in certain aspects but they do not take away from the entertainment value or excitement at all. This movie will not be for everyone but if you are in the mood to go on a fantastic and beautiful trip to Mars then John Carter is the film for you. Thanks for reading.

What Is Bad About The Movie:

Although there were good things to be said there were also some bad aspects as well. For starters, the chemistry between Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins as John Carter and Princess Dejah Thoris. While they did fine in their roles, their chemistry was almost nonexistent. You never felt a spark between them and this made their romantic sub plot just unbelievable. Also, the pacing was very uneven. There were too many scenes that seemed to just drag on which made the film seem way longer than It actually was. The writing was also a major flaw for the film. The main problem with the writing is that the writers tried their hardest to cram in as much information as they possibly could into a two hour film. This ended up making the film feel convoluted and almost impossible to follow at times. It would have been better if Disney allowed this film to run longer than its two hour run time. This definitely would have given the film more space to expand on the different aspects of the universe and more room to breathe, which would make the film easier to follow.


  1. I am not keen to see this film....mainly because of the high-budget, poor story, - no appeal to me!




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