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Saturday, 18 February 2012




  1. No just For the following reason they are models.
    these photo are of men who work hard was paid to have their images posted on here. We are all men and most men regardless of sexual orientation are visual more than mental.

    We all have things we like sex is just a part of it.

    So there are no stereotype to me of all the images at all.

    1. Thanks for you comment, many would be turned off by such images and think that it degrades us and my blog, again thanks.

  2. Yes, 60% of them are because most of them base their whole existence of being stereotypes, there`s more to life than sex.

  3. Hey Gaytkeeper, babe!
    Here's my 2 cents worth: My thoughts are no for several reasons. Us SGL humans are just as biological wired up by Big Momma Nature with mating instincts that are the same in hetero couplings. We look at each others physiques: backs, shoulders, and rear to gauge strength and thrusting power; or the phatness of the cakes to gauge ripeness. We work-out, dress-up, and perform peacock-like mating dances to attract a particular someone. Our nostrils flare, we blush and batt our eyes, or puff-up our chests, deepen the swagg when the negotiations are coming to a close.
    That's us and every other human being and animal species on the planet for you.
    Now, this entry just shows me that you my dear have an impressive collection of cakes, lol. However, there modeled poses are just naked exaggerations and deliberate instigations of what is already happening in our kind on daily basis. I do believe that old saying: you can have too much of a good thing...and all them blogs and websites are pounding us with nuthing but cake er'ryday...so you really can't help but have it on your mind 'cause its in yo face.
    While I myself am not a 'crack addikt' (that actually makes me laugh!) I do unconsciously and deliberately check out what dudes be haulin and wonder how it would feel in my hands. Like dough...big brown smooth muscled bubbled mounds of dough. Sorry...got distracted....
    Now, 'bout this stereotype business: we spend our days livin up to them, playin down to them, or fighting to change ourselves so that we don't get confused with them. A good and healthy sense of self respect and a clear positive self image usually does the trick. Again, the guys in these pics are models and porn actors...no different from the women who gap open their legs in Hustler, Playboy and such giving straight guys an eyeful of pie...but you don't here them being called Pie Addicts, do we? So why should those of our kind be derided and thought of as stereotypes when they are acting on natural-born instincts of their human species?
    I'm just sayin...
    Anyway, I think I have rambled and ranted enough though.
    But, in parting, remember: man can not live on cake alone....there had better be some sense, skills to the pay the bills, a good soul and a loving heart that come with all that junk in da trunk.

    1. You certainly said a LOT! And I thank you for seeing this entry for what it is and what it isn't.

  4. Taken on their own, each one of these photos lend credence to the stereotype that we're all about sex, sex and sex AND that we're all unsatisfied bottoms, always ready and always begging to be fucked.

    Notwithstanding what others may think, we all know that we're more complex than that base thought. The myriad of opinions on this topic alone demonstrate that fact. Great post, my blogger brother! :)

    1. When I get asked the question, 'why you used such images for your blog?' I simply say not everything I put here is for everyone.I FIRMLY believe that we exist in a world with these things, so why run away from them?

  5. These pics were taken by will. Some are porn stars and some are models. Same could be said for the heterosexual people. However, it doesn't make all gay men seem all about sex.

    1. So I take it that they are your kinda cracks?

  6. Furthering what stereotype and to whom? Why would anyone view a Gay site featuring pictures of naked men in erotic poses if they werent into it in the first place?

    Let be be the first to admit that I think about sex most of my waking hours and dream about it when I'm asleep. I spend a couple of hours a day going through mostly pictorial Gay blogs and watching Gay sex vids. If my partner was into it, we'd have sex every day, maybe twice. (We used to, but that's another story).

    I do manage to hold down a job, keep a nice home, read a couple of novels a week and numerous periodicals, exercise when I am so inclined and try to keep up with current events. HOWEVER, I am proud to say that for me, being a Gay man is mostly ALL ABOUT THE SEX and Hallalooo/AMEN to that!!!!

    BTW, this blog is the only one I read for mental stimulation of the intellectual kind. Hope you aren't insulted, GK. :>)~




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