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Friday, 25 March 2011


Can you tell me ANYTHING POSITIVE about being a HOMOSEXUAL? For me, the best thing about being gay is the sense of freedom and honesty. For the longest time before I came out, I was constantly lying to other people about where I was going and what I was doing. At that time, I was still living with @ home and I was lying about everything I did when I wasn't around my family. Once the closet door opened, the lies stopped and I began LIVING my truth. My life changed and I lost my family forever. Looking back, it seems funny that while I was in the closet and lying to these people, they were content with my life, but the moment I stopped lying to them, they couldn't accept it and our FAMILY ended! OH WELL, THAT’S LIFE...

To me, losing in this way is no big deal or was it? I had to dig deep and become comfortable and happy with myself; finding the ME that the world didn’t want to see (ESPECIALLY MY FAMILY). I like to think of my time in the closet and being repressed has helped form me into the WONDERFUL MAN that I am! I used to pray that I didn’t turn into or end up like the gay people I would hear my family often talk about. But because of that, I'm fearless about it now. My sense of freedom comes from no longer having to lie. And even though my FAMILY had a difficult time accepting me as being gay, they still had to admit that I was their SON, BROTHER, NEPHEW, COUSIN & GRANDSON. BUT TO HECK WITH THEM!

I am in touch with my sexuality. I am in touch with the part of myself that WE value more than anything. Hence the greatest thing about being gay is simply the STRENGTH TO BE GAY. The toil and confusion that often goes on, the threat of being abandoned by your family and friends...this creates the inner strength to come-out, standing up tall. Being HOMOSEXUAL taught me how to handle my insecure feelings about being daring, unique, an individual. I had to be fully self aware (or at least as much as one can be at 20) and tough as nails to come out to my family. Any show of "WEAKNESS" would ruin my opportunity to show them that being a gay man was not something to be ashamed of, sorry for, but rather something to be proud of...not because it makes me special but because it doesn’t make me any different/less of a man.

Through living my live as a HOMOSEXUAL; I can say that I have gained some of the most beautiful friendships through the gay community. The one thing I love is that I get an intense joy being in the company of other MEN independent of anything explicitly sexual, and this is to me the most enjoyable aspect...Funny how MEN are so much more fun and satisfying to be around and WOMEN tend to be jealous by that fact. But overall I think the one perk of being gay simply boils down to ACCEPTING who you are…NOTHING IN THE WORLD CAN BEAT THAT...


  1. You have gone through much but you have come out a better man. That is very inspiring. Especially because you are not superficial and you live in the truth.

    I can only wish you the very best in te future. Some of us as still trying to gather courage and to see how best to live our lives.

    Cheers mate.

  2. Strength! Lot's and lot's of strength and character. That's a major perk about us.

    To be funny, tho...

    I told my mom that she doesn't have to worry about me popping up with babies lol


  4. The best thing about being homosexual...

    Getting more dick and ass than the law allows.






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