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Friday, 04 March 2011


I have come to the conclusion that we HOMOSEXUALS ARE THE WORLD’S REBIRTH and we carry with us the sense of hope and renewal! We are the first sliver of dawn that paints the horizon, gradually spreading our colour…Illuminating the world! So think about it, there’s such a strong archetype for a MAN that is gay…It's that hidden self, that secret self, that part of his being that isn’t defined by secrets or sexuality…But by his heart! We soothe the spirit of turmoil, purging the crippleness of self-hatred releasing the very human need to classify and label. WE HOMOSEXUALS KNOW THAT THE ONLY WAY FOR OUR TRUE PURPOSE TO ACTUALIZED IS TO DIVE DEEP INTO OURSELVES…CONNECT WITH THE MAIN PURPOSE OF LIFE!

As a black same gender loving man, I am oppressed. As a GAY man, I have been shunned, abused and rendered invisible for being same sex prone. From the cradle I was made to understand from society at large and too frequently from my own family that the man I am is wrong and unacceptable. This gesture rendered labels like “sissy” and “fagot”…The relentless denial of my humanity! Specifically, my manhood; SISSY = SUB-HUMAN, LESS THAN A MAN. According to the belief of society I have retreated from large portions of my man-selves, hence I am the denial of masculinity. I AM THE MESSENGER NOT THE MESSAGE AND I EXIST TO LET IT BE KNOW THAT I WON’T INTERNALIZED THIS SUPPOSEDLY CHRISTIAN VIEW! I won’t internalize this culture’s homophobia and ignorance that tries to make me believe that I am so in-valid as a man, THIS FUCKING BRAND OF ‘HOMOPHOBIA’ IS NOT RIGHT! 

I am the honorable image of manhood! The strong Black man, the defiant man’s, man. I am the root, stability and resilience of the whole man. I enjoy more balance, having incarnated as male, I embrace and celebrate my man self. I live a life of torture that has made me the paragons of balance. I place value on myself, even though I am classified as the epitome of God’s abomination. I DON’T TAKE THAT NOTION INTO MY SOUL, my uniqueness as same gender loving man has made me the EPITOME OF GOD! I am human and that in itself is a gift and a curse which forces MANY of us take LIFE for granted. I know I came to this earth to live and die, I know I want to cherish my happiest moments and learn from the worst memories. I know that I want to be carefree; I want to learn and earn my right to live. I know I will be forever GAY in this life; while many believe that this is a SIN I believe that the sin is in the demeaning of MY HUMANITY! 

Humans do not know who I am; and therefore they do not know what I am. Am I just a simple man that happens to be different? I remember when I was once ‘human’…I lived, I hated, I loved, but NOT truly because I didnt live until I turned twenty one. Before that awakening, I fell asleep and I faced a question, a question that I thought was only a dream. Do you want to help this world? Being a selfish young child, I thought that if I said yes, then I would be rewarded with a wonderful gift. So I said yes and I was given gift of HOMOSEXUALITY. I soon learnt that I would stay in this dream state until my former body died. My soul was ripped from my body. It was now taken over by another soul. One who was like me for a time, one whose job I would soon take over. Some call me an ANGEL, some call me a DEMON, say what you want I know that I came here to keep this world living and breathing. I A GAY MAN CHOSE TO PROTECT THIS WORLD FROM BEING EATEN BY ITSELF! I DO ALL OF THIS FOR SAKE OF HUMANITY, I MUST NEVER STOP! AFTER ALL THE ENTIRE WORLD HAS TO GAY FORWARD…


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    Aloha from Waikiki

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  2. High-Five, friend, High-Five!

  3. Agreed. It takes alot to be confident..and inevitably confidence has a major role in shaping your future. Needed to read this





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