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Friday, 25 March 2011


Today, revolutionary social networking app Grindr celebrates its second birthday. Since launching in 2009, Grindr has grown into a social networking giant, with over 1.7 million users in 190 countries around the world. As the world's largest all male location-based mobile social networking tool for the iPhoneiPod touchiPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices, Grindr has brought together a global community of users, many of whom have made meaningful connections with the world around them. 
Currently, an astounding 441,000 Grindr members log in to the app on a daily basis and spend an average of two hours using the app. Each day 5.1 million chat messages and 454,000 pictures are sent within the app. At the same time, 8,000 new users are joining the Grindr network everyday - two to three times Grindr's recent historical growth rate. This growth can be attributed to the launch of a newly redesigned version (1.5) for iOS devices, as well as the launch of Grindr on the Android Market. Since launching Grindr for Android on March 7, 2011, there have been over 83,000 downloads of the Android app. In just the past year, Grindr has increased its user base by 50% and has become the top grossing Social Networking app on the iTunes App Store in the US, also ranking 56 for all paid apps in the US.

"I am amazed at what we've achieved these past two years," says Joel Simkhai, founder and CEO. "The rate at which Grindr has grown is a direct result of our users. Their support and word of mouth has helped our app become what it is today. Our team has worked hard to give users the features, experience, and platforms they want, with releases that evolve and expand the Grindr experience. Our users and the dedicated Grindr Team make all this possible."

"Current Grindr users have tons of new connections to look forward to with so many new faces joining the network on Android devices," adds Scott Lewallen, Grindr's Creative Director.

Other Grindr accomplishments during the past two years include: winning an iDate Award for Best Mobile Dating Site; being featured at the South By Southwest Interactive Conference; and marketing major brands like American Apparel and Lady Gaga. Grindr has also hosted over 300 parties around the world, bringing users together in one place to chat and connect with one another.

The Grindr Team currently has 35 full-time equivalent employees, working hard to develop exciting new features and release innovative updates to each platform. Team Grindr also recently launched the website for a new location-based app in development, codenamed Project Amicus. The new app will allow anyone to discover, interact, and meet with people nearby. To sign up on the invite list and invite your friends to this new location-based app for everyone, visit ProjectAmicus.com.


  1. Like GRINDR a lot even though there are probably less than a dozen guys in The Bahamas on there





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