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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Some claim they don’t need a special day to tell the one they love just that.  Others proclaim it is a Hallmark” holiday geared towards economic gain.  Although I won’t personally dispute either claim, I will stand that I see it in a different light. As for me, do I need a day to let Noel know how special he is to me? No, I don’t, as this is something I do practically every day of the year.  I do however appreciate a day, which is set aside as a special day to celebrate that love which is confessed so often, and we did just that!

When Noel hit me up on Skype @ work and asked ‘where can two gay men go for dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day?’Upon reading his question, two difference feelings came over me, one of joy and the other of sadness. I was joyful because Noel is VERY conscious about the money we spend and I do appreciate that, but as soon I started to think about what he asked, I realized that we could go virtually NOWHERE because of how people would stare @ us. Now I for one don’t give a rat’s ass about how people feel about MY life and what I do with it. For me Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and we didn’t choose to meet each other anymore than we chose to be gay so…

Isn’t it AMAZING how people can show they are ‘emotional neanderthals’ despite them having an intellectual education? Noel’s and I going for dinner in this country would bring judgment day upon this land because society is set up to reward love that is about different genders while virtually IGNORING same~sex love. Though Valentine’s Day is the day of ‘love’ most of society lives in the agony of ego and self preservation when it comes to a love like ours. The ‘modern world’ glorifies heteros and I can’t help but think that my relationship is more than likely more stable than most hetero relationships…funny how that works huh?


  1. I'm so unloved right now i can't begin to comment on this, but we should never fear love.




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