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Friday, 18 February 2011


HOW DOES A MAN DECIDE THAT HE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH ME, NOT KNOWING WHO I AM AND THEN LATER DECIDES THAT HE WANTS A LIFETIME AND NOT A ONE TIME THING? I find this phenomenon sad and heart breaking. How do you say to yourself 'sure we can F&CK' all the while you know that deep down in your very soul you want the one thing that everyone in the world wants...I find this very interesting because that means with every STROKE of my D!CK, every TENDER TOUCH, every SWEET KISS of my LIPS you are hoping to get that for more than one night. So I say ask yourself, how can you expect this be more than what it's meant to be? How can you want me to think that you want something with me that transform into more than what you give me @ the moment in time? I am just doing what my urges suggest and I am sorry that my HEART isn't in there, but I take my LIFE very seriously and I don't just decide that I want to be with anyone just because we had AMAZING SEX! 

Sex doesn't equate to LOVE in my mind; sorry if it does for you but you need to accept this for what it is. How do you expect a MAN such as me to transform form the BULL that I am into an innocent PLAYMATE? The maniac in me won't allow such behaviour to exist...I GUESS I AM WRONG FOR GIVING YOU EVERYTHING AND NOTHING @ THE SAME TIME...GUESS I AM STRANGE FOR THINKING MY WAY OF F&CKING IS COMMON PLACE. I can't say that I blame you though; you've never come across one like me. I know that it's refreshing to see such a real and uninhibited display of sex so easily; flaunted in such a candid style...WHAT CAN I SAY? I KNOW HOW TO SEPARATE F&CKING FROM LOVE! Please don’t fall into the trap of starting out with an O.N.S. and end up getting hooked.

In general, it is virtually impossible to maintain a serious relationship from a one-night stand. The odds are not very good. There are 3 things I want you to remember...I DON'T MAKE PROMISES - I won’t make promises I obviously can't keep. I won’t ask for your number if I don't plan on using it; I can’t set you up for a disappointment. I DON'T APOLOGIZE FOR F&CKING YOU - it cheapens the mood and kills the good time that we had. I WILL FOLLOW UP WITH YOU FROM TIME TO TIME - I won’t burn bridges because I never know when I might want to rock the bed with you again. CALL ME SELFISH, CALL ME WHAT EVER YOU...THE ONE THING YOU CAN'T CALL ME A LIAR BECAUSE I YOU KNOW FROM THE START WHAT THE DEAL IS AND WHERE I STAND...


  1. There is no question about it, it isn't easy to turn a one night stand into love, but some seem to try.




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