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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Is there anything special that you need to know about your first gay relationship? Being a man in a gay relationship is a basically natural process for any gay or bisexual man. You meet someone, there is a mutual attraction, there is an explosive sex life, and then there is the process of bringing two lives together into one. In today’s world, gay men balance more issues than most other identifiable groups.

The secret to a good and healthy gay relationship is the same secret that makes all the relationships in your life either healthy or unhealthy. Being in a gay relationship can complicate certain aspects of your life and can enhance other aspects. Men find less acceptance in the world than gay women but the acceptance that they find is often vital, fierce, and beautiful. Of course, finding your own acceptance can help you improve the odds of being in a successful gay relationship.

Being in a gay relationship for the first time usually means that you’re going to earn yourself a new education. There are new things to learn and there are lifestyle issues that will open your eyes.

Friends, parents, lovers, boyfriends, and partners are all going to display an unhealthy behavior from time to time. So are you.  It happens with straight men and with gay men alike.

You will learn that being in a gay relationship takes work just like any other relationship. It still requires the ability to communicate and the ability to meet the needs of your partner. The basics of the relationships don’t really change whether it is a straight relationship, lesbian relationship, or a gay relationship. Relationships require an understanding of each other.

Being able to develop a good balance and still maintaining your personal code of life is not that difficult once you find that comfortable place. Sure, you might choose to drive an hour out of your way to go out for dinner but if you’re making the car ride fun it might not matter.

A solid and powerful gay relationship is one that allows you to be exactly who you are while giving you new room to grow into the man you’re becoming. You might find that eventually the options that you have in front of you are the key element to discovering what is important to you. Blending your professional life and your personal life isn’t necessary, but hiding your gay relationship so deeply under a haze of deception is bound to come back to haunt you.


  1. Terrific wisdom! As with most relationships, compromise and negotiation are key elements for success.

  2. Ditto what Roger said and I'd add trust.

    Insecurity and jealousy will end a relationship FAST!




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