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Friday, 05 November 2010


How does one decipher what DATING is when we live in world where the UNSPOKEN carries a lot of power? DATING is supposed to afford us the opportunity to COURT and GET TO KNOW an individual whose COMMON interest is each other. Yet what many of us call DATING is actually NOT and we are so far from the concept that it makes me want to SCREAM! So If DATING is, any SOCIAL ACTIVITY performed as a pair or even a group with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a partner in an INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP or as a SPOUSE and the word refers to the act of agreeing on a time and "date" when a pair can meet and engage in some social activity; ¿WTF IS DATING? 

Now I am very much AWARE of the FACT that there are many forms of DATING, perhaps as many as there are people and WE all have different views on this subject. Nonetheless, this activity that was invented within the last 200 years is TOTALLY by passed by many and TRIAL RELATIONSHIPS are acted upon in its place. I guess that is all well and good because in many instances DATING PROMOTES LUST and further feeds the ever growing SEX SELLS SYNDROME. I THINK THAT BEFORE WE CAN DATE, WE NEED TO RID OUR COMMUNITY OF THAT SELF-CENTERED, FEELING-ORIENTED CONCEPT OF LOVE THAT WE BATHE OURSELVES IN ON A DAILY BASES. If done for COURTSHIP purposes DATING should create a PERMANENT ENDORPHIN-BOND between two people who will MORE than likely have a very good chance of spend their lives together. So tell me this, IF DATING can teach us how to break off difficult relationships BEFORE they get started, conditioning us more for MARRIAGE than DIVORCE, does this mean that WE are doing it WRONG? 

Whatever the WORLD says OR believe WE are NOT really DATING because the END results prove that WE are NOT handling LIFE’S REALITIES. Within the DATING phase of our lives, we should have dealt with the developing variety AND change of our appetite when it comes to dealing with the ONE that we have settled with; and NOT create DISSATISFACTION within ourselves. When one dates instead of DATE he/she achieves INTIMACY but not COMMITMENT, they skip the FRIENSHIP stage of a relationship; MISTAKING a physical relationship for LOVE, isolating themselves from other VITAL DATES. Hence they are distracted from the PRIMARY responsibility of preparing for the FUTURE and SEEKING happiness. NONETHELESS, THERE SEEM TO BE CONFLICTS IN THE PRACTICES OF DATING. I WOULD  LIKE SOMEONE TO PLEASE DIFFERENTIATE THEM, & IF POSSIBLE DESCRIBE HOW THE DIFFERENT PRACTICES BENEFIT THE COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE. WE SIT HERE & SHARE OUR THOUGHTS N’ FANTASIES ON WHAT CONSTITUTES DATING & OUR ROLES IN IT, BUT SUCH CONVERSATIONS IF I MAY SAY, ARE MERELY THEORETICAL & DO NOT REFLECT THE REAL PURPOSE OF DATING. 


  1. I agree with you that far too many of us go out together and then go to bed together and skip the entire courtship ritual. That's one of the many reasons too many of our relationships never get beyond the physical. Not that I'm anti-sex, far from it, but I also believe that we need to nurture, mature and develop as a couple rather than just fuck as one.

  2. I remember dating, that was when two peole actually spent time together getting to know each other.

    Today we look for instant gratification, many of us never get to really know each other, but instead just have sex and move on and maybe just maybe see that person from time to time.

    Oh how I miss dating.

  3. The problem: People just JUMP into relationships head 1st and a blueprint HASN'T been layed out,the do's/don'ts, likes/dislikes. INSTEAD of getting to know each other in DATING they do while "in a relationship" which IS why it always get messed UP!




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